6 Reasons Why Rearranging Your Furniture is Good For You

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At least twice a year, I rearrange furniture in my house. I enjoy doing this, and have been doing this for as long as I can remember, beginning with my childhood bedroom. It’s good for you, in six different ways.

  • 1. If you rearrange it, you will also do the deep cleaning that needs to be done. Without moving the sofa to a different wall, how often would you clean behind or under it? That dust and pet hair collecting under the furniture adds unpleasant odor and allergens to your house. I have had my living room arranged in several different ways, and each time, the living room gets a thorough cleaning. It will look and smell wonderful when you are done.
  • 2. You will benefit from having a new perspective. If the sofa is looking out a window, instead of at a wall, it gives you a new view that may lift your spirits. You might also notice what’s going on in your neighborhood, which is always a good thing.
  • 3. Moving furniture around can wear your furniture more evenly. You may sit in a different spot, thus wearing a different end of the sofa. You may change which piece of furniture gets the most sun. Tip: cover the piece of furniture that sits nearest a window, to reduce the chance of fading or rotting. You can remove the cover when company comes, reducing the need to vacuum it. I generally use a blanket or quilt on furniture in front of windows. You can get pretty and not very expensive quilts from a variety of places. The can enliven your décor. I keep several on hand to redecorate or cover, as I need.
  • 4. It reduces the urge to go buy all new furniture. I not only move furniture in one room, but I also move pieces from one room to another, shaking up my design sense and creating a whole new look. If you have a family room or den, and a more formal living room, as I do, it helps to have two things: 1. a color palette that is complimentary. 2. Several end tables, small chests of drawers, and console tables that can be moved to fit in a variety of places. Some chairs are bulky and may need a smaller table beside it when moved to a different location. Be prepared to experiment with new looks.
  • 5. It helps your aesthetic sense. Rearranging furniture engages your aesthetic sense, first and foremost. I love rearranging because it allows me to play with accessorizing with different lamps, collectables, and even moving prints, paintings and drawings, or photos around to suit the new design. It helps increase your aesthetic sense to re-imagine the room. Maybe a throw on a different place, or moving pillows from one place to another, or if you have a few dollars to spend, you can recover pillows for a whole new look.
  • 6. It helps keep your mind fine-tuned. Moving furniture is like working a puzzle. What looks best with which accessories, tables, and in which spots? Keeping your mind active and engaged means keeping your home environment interesting and exciting. Routines of any kind will dull your brain, and visual stimulus is very important to keeping your mind working for other challenges.

I am about to go move several pieces of furniture around in my house. I will move a console table that is in the all-purpose room to the den. The living room is getting a whole fresh perspective today, and that means cleaning as I go and having fun re-imagining my formal entertaining space. I will get the benefit of all of that, without spending a cent to renew the looks of my house. It’s a fun and helpful project that I truly enjoy every time I redo my spaces. Don’t discard good furniture; re-imagine it instead. Rearranging and re-imagining will help your outlook, your brain, and your budget.

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