An Overview of Plus Size Furniture For Obese People

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Living plus size is difficult in a world built for average-sized people. All arguments as to causes and treatments for obesity aside, the fact remains that plus size people do not always fit in the world comfortably. One of the most difficult things to find to accommodate them is plus size furniture.

Plus size furniture is designed and built for both big and tall people. This article will cover some of the innovations made in plus size furniture that is on the market today.

Plus Size Chairs & Couches

A wide variety of plus size chairs can be found online. There are steel-framed dining chairs, stackable chairs with colorful patterned cushions, and even office chairs. Most have seat bases anywhere from twenty-four to thirty-six inches wide.

The office chairs, both basic and executive, have adjustable chair arms. Another popular style includes day chairs, which have wheels on the front legs. Most of these chairs have high seats to facilitate standing up and lowering yourself into them.

It is also possible to find plus size garden furniture such as wooden deck chairs and even rocking chairs in wide varieties.

Plus Size Beds

The plus size beds are not actually larger than normal sized beds. They come in twin, double, and king sizes. However, what makes them appropriate for obese individuals is the reinforced steel frames and extra supportive spring system. Some plus size beds are also higher off the floor to make using them easier.

Plus Size Toilets & Bath Furniture

Often called bariatric bath supplies, plus size bathing and toilet furniture is also available. These include wide commode chairs that can go over an existing toilet or replace them, plus special raised toilet seats. Bathtub and shower chairs are also made in plus size widths and strengths. For hospital or disabled use, there are also plus size wheel chairs with bathing capabilities.

Unfortunately, all of the plus size furniture available on the market today is extremely expensive. Much of it seems geared more to bariatric doctors’ offices than home use. The plus size furniture industry seems to be just a part of the huge corporate profit pool due to plus size people.

As the numbers of obese and plus size people increase, the market for plus size furniture will follow. Wider chairs and couches, sturdier construction not likely to break, and higher seats are some of the modifications that plus size furniture have.

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