Becoming a Furniture Tester

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Let’s face the fact that we all love good quality furniture to help make our home feel like home and to suit our surrounding needs. We should also all must face the fact that nobody wants dysfunctional furniture of any kind so that would be where the furniture testers come in.

So what is a furniture tester? you ask. Well they are people who simply test out various products and brands of furniture to see if they could meet the standards of the general public who are potential buyers. When I used to be a furniture tester I will tell you I had it pretty easy even though it wasn’t really considered a real job to other people, especially my family. But overall I enjoyed having the simple mini job in which I just had to sit or do whatever action that was suited for that piece of furniture and tell the manufacturers or store people what I thought of the furniture in terms of its quality, texture, colors, and shape. Sometimes I had to write a written statement and of course write a review and there was my paycheck.

To be honest anyone can be a furniture tester it is one of the most easiest jobs I had ever had. I discovered the job of being a furniture tester after watching the lazy boy commercial which then caused an idea to occur in my head I then proceeded to get online and look around for furniture testing jobs. In all honesty it was kinda hard to find employment as a furniture tester, but they are out there you just got to look long and hard.

Now you would like to know where you can find employment as a furniture tester I can only tell you of a few places where you may get lucky a get a job testing furniture the first place I suggest you to go would be to lazy boy furniture and ask talk to one of the managers and ask if they are looking for any furniture testers if not searching at the present time you should fill out an application anyhow it won’t hurt you in the long run this is how I landed my job. Now this second one I am going to list is HOM furniture they rarely hire any furniture testers, but I decided to just talk to one of the managers anyhow and got lucky. Now I am sure there are other places out there who would be delighted to have furniture testers you just got to ask around the furniture stores and manufacturers. Now I wish you the best of luck at nailing a job as a furniture tester.

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