IKEA Lack Furniture Review

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The IKEA Lack furniture series, which includes multiple sized coffee tables and end tables, is one of the more popular lines of furniture in the IKEA lineup. The Lack series is generally regarded as the least expensive furniture that Ikea provides, with end tables that retail for as low as $8 and coffee tables in the $30 to $40 range. It is aesthetically similar to the IKEA Malm series, but is made from substantially less expensive materials than the Malm line. Here is a summary of some of the pros and cons of Lack furniture.



It’s no secret that the greatest virtue of Lack furniture is the price. At roughly $10 to $40 per item, one would be hard pressed to find a more budget friendly line of furniture. The only real alternative at such a low price point are second hand items from thrift stores or sites like craigslist.


IKEA Lack furniture is exceptionally easy to move because of its method of assembly. For these coffee and end tables, no screws or other hardware are needed. The legs come with a single screw embedded in them that feeds in to a pre-drilled hole on the underside of the table top. The legs can be unscrewed in a manner of seconds, making the table very easy to move. Lack furniture is also exceptionally light, and bulky items can easily be carried around by a single person.


Coffee tables in the Lack series are typically available in black, white, and birch finishes. However, the side/end tables come in a myriad of colors, so it’s easy to find an accent table that matches one’s existing style motif.

Decorative flexibility

The IKEA Lack series is extremely minimalist and plain, which is both a positive and a negative. It is a negative in so far as the pieces are bland and uninspired. However, it is a positive in the sense that Lack items are easy to match to preexisting decor. The minimalist design gives Lack furniture an ability to adapt to almost any style.



Lack furniture is made from particle board that is encased by a very thin veneer. Given the particle board core, it is extremely easy to dent and scratch these tables. You can assemble and disassemble the tables numerous times without losing any integrity, but it will likely become fairly beat up if moved frequently.

Susceptibility to water damage

This is also a durability issue, but it is such a singular problem with the Lack furniture line that it deserves special attention. Lack tables show water damage very easily. Hot or cold drinks that are set on the table without coasters will definitely create rings, and any significant moisture that is left on the table for an extended time may cause the veneer to peel away from the particle board beneath it.

The general conclusion about IKEA’s Lack furniture is that it is excellent for kids, college students, and young adults who are budget conscious and/or frequently on the move. But if you have moved past this stage and you are looking for furniture of greater quality, there are other product lines in the IKEA catalog that you will be happier with. If you like the minimalist look of the Lack furniture but are looking for something heavier and more durable, the Malm series may be the right choice.

How to Paint Wood Furniture With a Glossy Finish

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What you’ll need:

* Wood Piece

* Sandpaper

* Primer

* Paint

* Paintbrush

* Varnish

Step 1: Sand down your piece of furniture, smoothing all the edges, and eliminating any snags in the wood.

Step 2: Paint on the first coat of primer. Not only will this provide a good bottom coat to help the top color stand out more, but the moisture will cause the wood to swell us slightly, giving the paint a better base to sit on.

Step 3: If necessary, paint a second coat of primer. You may want to do this if the first coat did not completely cover up the wood’s color, or if you have paint drips from the first coat. In the second case, sand down the bumps, and do a complete second coat.

Step 4: Time to add some color! Paint your furniture with the design and colors of your choosing. Usually, two coats are recommended. Just like with the primer, sand down any noticeable bumps and paint another coat on top.

Step 5: Next, apply the varnish. Make sure the paint has thoroughly dried before adding your top coat. After the fist coat of varnish, wait several hours to make sure it has completely dried.

Step 6: Once it is dry, sand down the varnish (carefully so you don’t remove any paint along with it), and get rid of all the tiny air bubbles that may have accumulated, and any other bumps. Once it is smooth, paint another coat of varnish.

Step 7: Repeat the above step a few times, until you are satisfied with the glossiness. Remember to sand carefully and thoroughly, because the smoother it is, the shinier it will be.


* Make sure to remove any dust after sanding.

* Wear clothes you won’t mind getting dirty, getting paint on yourself is almost inevitable.

* Put newspaper or a drop cloth under the furniture just in case of paint spills and droplets.

* Be delicate with your sanding. Coats of paint and varnish are not very thick, and you can easily sand right through them.

How to Find Free Stuff And Cheap Furniture For Your First Home or Apartment

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When it’s your first home or apartment and you don’t have a lot of money to spend on extras, the stress of cheap decorating can really weigh down on your shoulders. Furniture, kitchen appliances, lamps, TVs, paintings, and mirrors can really add up in cost. When I moved into my first apartment, I realized home decorating would be absolutely necessary. I also realized however, as a low-income college student, that cheap decorating was essential. I simply couldn’t afford to blow extra money on expensive items. This guide to should help you make your new apartment look and feel like home, while keeping cheap decorating a priority.

Craigslist.org (The Mecca of Cheap Decorating)

If you haven’t heard of Craigslist yet, you must have been living under a rock for the past few years. Craigslist is a website that lists free ads for jobs, housing, cars, and pretty much anything people want to sell. This is a great place to find free and really cheap furniture. Cheap furniture is essential to cheap decorating, as everyone needs it. A lot of people sell entire sets of nice matching furniture for about $100. If you need a refrigerator, this is the place to go! Likely you will be able to find one either for free or for less than $70. Also be sure to check out Craigslist’s free section, where people list anything and everything they are giving away for free! Cheap decorating has never been easier.

Garage Sales

Essential to cheap decorating are garage sales. No two sales are ever alike and most of them are ridiculously cheap. In addition, many garage sales have sections of free items that are unwanted. Pick and choose from furniture, lamps, kitchenware, and clothing to cheaply complete your home decorating.

Thrift Stores

You are going to need sets of sheets, blankets, comforters, pillow cases, and pillows for your bed when you move in. These items can be very expensive at department stores, where cheap decorating is never an option. Thrift stores such as Red White and Blue and the Salvation Army provide these with prices deeply slashed. Cheap decorating doesn’t need to be old fashioned or ugly either! I have found gorgeous, clean comforter sets for around $30. One of these sets was the same my mother had purchased at a high-end retail store for around $120.

Consignment Shops

Need dishware and kitchen utensils for cheap decorating? Consignment shops and thrift stores are your best bet for getting a full set, dirt cheap. Search through various different stores and price shop a bit. It is likely that your efforts in cheap decorating will lead you to a complete set for around $10. Don’t be surprised if some of the items are actually a nice looking addition to your kitchen too!


It’s fast and easy to use, and it’s often really inexpensive! Ebay can be used to find pretty much anything for cheap decorating in your new apartment, although it would be best to stick to small items because of shipping costs.

Estate Sales

These are kind of like garage sales, although often more high-end. Estate sales often occur when everything in one’s home is for sale because of the owner’s death. What better way to find everything you need for your home and take a little history with it? If cheap decorating for you means adding a few odd knick-knacks here and there, an estate sale is a good way to go!

Home decorating doesn’t need to be expensive. With enough searching, it should be relatively easy to create a new home with just a few hundred dollars. If you can’t find something you’re looking for, ask friends and family. Check the newspaper and nickel ads. Be aware of sales and ask anyone who has recently moved out and done cheap decorating for tips and advice. Use your resources wisely, have fun on the search for cheap decorating, and you should do just fine. Good luck!