American Leather Sleeper Sofa Review

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american leather sleeper sofa review

It is a widely known fact that sleeper sofas are an amazing addition to just any home. Due to its increasing popularity, today we are going to review it and let you know what we think about sleeper sofas. Their sleeper sofas are indeed amongst the most loved and bought home furnishing items. These are being used at homes for a long time now. Kids love to lay down on it while watching their favorite cartoons and adults can’t help but sleep on it. This popularity is fully deserved. The Comfort Sleeper is well-designed and well-made. If you use it as a couch or even a bed, it provides increased comfort in both ways. Whichever way you use it, it will provide comfort to you.


The cost of their sleeper couch ranges from $3,499 to $6,500. A lot of people consider this as a long-term investment because of its price and uses. The price is nothing as compared to the benefits it brings along with it.


Their sleeper couch is extremely durable and sturdy owing to its leather upholstery. It is a fact that leather is four times more long-lasting than any other type of fabric and thus, it helps to save money in the long run. Since it is compact in size, it can easily fit and suit just any type of interior. A lot of people are concerned about such furnishing solutions taking up too much space, but that is not the case with the sleeper sofa as it is easy to move around and won’t occupy too much space in your home. All in all, it is a great catch! We feel that it is what we all need after a long day at work.

Different Options

It brings along various leg and armrest choices for you to pick. If you prefer a high or even a low leg, the sleeper sofa can provide you the comfort you need. It also offers you to choose from thick or thin metal wood armrests that come in a variety of widths and lengths, including squared-off and otherwise rounded edges. You may even have the liberty to select a nail head trim on some models. Moreover, you may also choose soft cushions for a more casual, aesthetic, or high density foam cushioning for a more pristine look. If you want to buy a queen plus and king-sized sleeper, you may also pick between two or three seat cushions. Whatever type you like, keep in mind that seat-back cushions are intended to fit tightly into the couch frame without the need of zippers or even other add-ons. The board works to create an attractive look when you decide to turn it into a bed.