Choosing a Dining Table

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dining tables

One of the most significant purchases for any home design is a dining table. Dining tables are used for many years and are often passed on as antiques. Because they last so long, they can be fairly expensive. But, a quality dining table is worth the investment. After all, the dining table is the focal point of the dining room.

When choosing a dining table, it is important to choose a classic design that will last for a long time. While dining tables come in many different styles, quality material and workmanship never go out of style. It doesn’t have to look like an antique to be a classic design.

Traditional dining tables are usually made of stained wood and may or may not be lacquered. They often have intricately carved legs and detailing. These tables can be purchased as antiques or reproductions. Contemporary table designs incorporate cleaner lines and are rarely lacquered. These tables may be more geometric in nature and may also incorporate glass in some way. Many dining tables, whether traditional or contemporary, can be expanded for additional seating. This is a valuable feature as it is, in effect, getting two tables for the price of one.

While most dining tables are shown with matching dining chairs, an increasingly popular trend is mixing dining tables with non-matching dining chairs in a similar style, material and/or color. This is especially true for contemporary dining tables. Customizing a dining room in this way allows one to express personal style and think outside the box.

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