Choosing the Perfect Furniture for Your Home

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Choosing the right furniture for your home is an important decision, and considering the expense, one you are likely to live with for years to come. This article offers some tips to help you choose the right pieces for your home that will enhance your living space and your life.

Tips for Choosing and Buying the Right Furniture for You

The furniture and home decor you choose to surround yourself with in your living space can make the difference between really loving your home and just tolerating it.

Measure, Measure, Measure

Everything looks smaller in the furniture store than it actually is because of the fact that the store has a large amount of square footage and very high ceilings. That lovely armoire that looks absolutely perfect for your bedroom in the furniture store may not fit down your hallway when they go to deliver it, which will create the headache for you of trying to return it. I had to learn this lesson the hard way during my early 20’s when my husband and I decided to buy a ping pong table on sale. I saw the great deal and said “It will fit in our living room, no problem!” Well, it did fit, but we had to literally crawl under it to get to the front door to leave our house. Needless to say we returned it within a day or two. When I managed a furniture store I had to deal with many people who had spent time and money to choose pieces that they loved, but just would not logistically work for them. Measure the space you have for the pieces you are looking for, both width, height, and depth and write it down. You may long for a new king size bed, but if you do not have room to walk around the foot of it to the other side, you will not be happy with the purchase. Take your measurements and a tape measure to the store to make sure if pieces will work for you. If you prefer to shop online or in catalogs, you can still measure to make sure pieces will work for you. When you find some pieces that you love, take down the measurements and place masking tape on your floor in those dimensions in the spaces you would use the furniture. This will allow you to see if the pieces will work in your space. While you want a room to have a signature piece to act as a focal point, you don’t want it to completely dominate the space.

Everything Doesn’t Have to Match

Decades ago, people wanted everything, particularly wood finishes, to match exactly, but times have changed. You want your furniture pieces to complement one another rather than all match exactly. For example, tie your pieces together by picking up on the undertones and connecting those. You can also incorporate pops of color in your accents and upholstery to tie your woods together. Rugs can provide a colorful barrier between the finish of your wood floors and your wood furniture.

Choose Pieces You Really Love

Don’t settle when it comes to your furniture. Try to choose pieces that you truly love so that you can create a living space that is truly yours and yours alone. Time at home should relax us and recharge you, not frustrate you with discomfort and bore you with a lack of color. It is usually best to go with more neutral tones for your large pieces and save your pops of color for accessories since that can allow you to change out your looks more often for less money. However, if you find a purple velvet sofa that’s in your budget that you absolutely cannot live without, then go ahead and get it and work your other pieces in around it. The main thing is to surround yourself with pieces that you love and that make you happy to see and use every day.

Think About Comfort

While you want to think about aesthetics, make sure you work comfort into your equation. A modern geometric couch might look exciting and interesting, but if it is not comfortable you will not enjoy sitting on it on a regular basis. Think about where you would put it. Some people have the indoor space to feature furniture that functions as art. Other people with less space have to utilize only pieces they can actually use and cannot spare room for pieces that are merely decorative.

Unleash the Power of Color

Don’t be afraid of color. Pops of color can really make a room come alive. Now you don’t want to go overboard and make your room look like a rainbow threw up in there, but adding some color into your living space can really make all the difference as far as personalizing it. You may want to use deep colors on your walls and opt for neutral tones in your furniture, or vice versa. There really is no right or wrong as long as it feels right to you. You may want to spend some time reading up on color theory so that you can learn how different colors affect humans psychologically. For example, if you have a really stressful job, you may want to choose blue as an accent color since it is relaxing.

Don’t Be Afraid to Bargain

When do find pieces that you want, if you are in a brick and mortar furniture store, don’t be afraid to ask for a discount. The furniture industry is highly competitive and salespeople often have a discretionary discount of around 10% or more that they can use to close the sale if necessary. Also don’t be afraid to ask for free delivery, especially if you live near the store. You may not get it, but you never know unless you ask. Buying furniture through catalogs and online is continuing to grow in popularity. Search online for promo codes for the sites you like. You may not find any, but if you do find some, you may be able to save yourself a lot of money.

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