DIY Wood Furniture Repair for Water Rings, Scratches and Alcohol Damage

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DIY wood furniture repair

The ‘Ooops’ of life happen to our favorite pieces of wood furniture. The forgotten beverage glass that leaves a white water mark, the tossed keys that scratch the finish, the spritz of alcohol-based hair spray or perfume that leaves a sticky residue stain. There are simple DIY repairs for each of these ‘Ooops’ that will restore the wood furniture finish to good as new.

DIY Water Ring Repair

A wet glass or flower vase left setting on a wood table will leave behind an ugly white water ring. Water spills left un-cleaned or a hot dish set directly on a wood table will leave behind white marks on good wood furniture. This type of water damage can easily be repaired (unless it’s been there for years) with a dry towel and an iron.

Place a clean, thick towel over the water ring and set the iron on a low heat, no steam setting. When the iron has heated, iron the towel for several seconds. Be careful not to allow the soleplate of the iron to touch the wood. The low heat of the iron will warm the finish on the wood furniture to release the moisture into the towel.

Check the progress of the water ring and repeat the ironing procedure until the water ring has disappeared. Finish by polishing and buffing the wood furniture as normal.

Repair Scratches And Nicks With Nuts

The tossed keys, dropped cell phone or any other small objects that land on top of wood furniture like to leave their scratches and nicks behind. If the scratches and nicks go deep enough into the wood’s surface to reveal the lighter wood under the finish, a nut will cover the scratch and make the mark blend in with the rest of the wood’s surface.

The meat of a fresh walnut or brazil nut has natural oils that will darken the lighter wood of the scratch or nick. Crack open a fresh walnut or brazil nut and rub the meat of the nut in the scratch or nick, rubbing in the same direction of the wood grain.

Buff with a dry, soft cloth and repeat until the scratches blend in with the rest of the wood finish as closely as possible.

Alcohol Damage On Wood Furniture

Hair sprays and perfumes contain alcohol, and even the finest spritz of alcohol will dissolve wood finishes. When an alcohol-based product lands on the surface of wood furniture, let it dry. Trying to wipe it up while it’s still wet furthers the damage done to the wood surface.

Once the hair spray or perfume has dried, dampen a clean cloth with water, then dip the damp cloth into ammonia and ring out all excess moisture. Gently rub the dampened cloth over the wood furniture surface to remove the sticky residue. Wipe dry with a clean cloth.

The next two repair items can be found at a hardware or home supply store, the items are boiled linseed oil and powdered rottenstone. Rottenstone is decomposed limestone that is ground into a mild abrasive powder and mainly used for polishing metal, but in the case of alcohol damaged furniture, it will help repair the wood’s finish.

Mix the boiled linseed oil and powdered rottenstone in a small container and form a thin paste. Gently rub the mixture into the alcohol stain using fingertips as the applicator. Rub in the same direction of the wood grain. Wipe clean with a dry cloth and apply a few coats of a favorite brand of furniture polish and buff well.

Ooops will happen. Thankfully, there are simple DIY wood furniture repairs to erase those ooops.

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