Elegant Living Room Furniture

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elegant living room furniture

High end furniture is usually going to be pretty expensive. It’s something that we see a lot of in designer magazines and it is a must if you’re going with more neutral bedroom colours. However, even if you’re shopping on a budget you can still get a few of these details. It does make a lot of sense to invest the most money in your furniture because it’s a part of your interior design.

Get a Chaise Lounge

One thing that you’re really going to see a lot of in this type is going to be chaise lounges. This can have a lot of tufting and can be very Victorian in feeling. Tufting is an element that appears on everything from headboards to just ottomans. If you plan on recovering it, you might be able to replicate this especially if you’re making slipcovers. This is a high end detail that you can easily implement on your furniture design. One of the great things about a chaise lounge is that it does use such graceful lines but also works well for smaller spaces instead of a traditional loveseat. Even though the piece might have a hefty pricetag on it, this can be a lot less expensive than going with your traditional furniture pieces. It also helps you to create the allusion of more space. It’s very comfortable for lounging and reading books as well.

High End Contemporary Furniture

One thing that you’ll want to pay a lot of attention to is the quality construction of the pieces. Even if you just go for a modern style couch that looks like something that you get at Walmart or IKEA it’s going to have a totally different quality when you buy designer versions. This means that it’s going to last longer. However, you’re also going to need to be careful with a lot of the upholstery so you may want to go for less expensive microsuede if you are going to use it around kids.

Down or Down Alternative Couches

A lot of this comes in through the things that you can’t see such as high-quality down filling. This not only makes it more comfortable but it will also last longer in the future than cheaper foam usually. However, you can also find a lot of upgraded wood details instead of basic laminate or metal versions as far as your end tables go. It has to do a lot with the construction as well as the overall design aesthetic.

Luxury Finishes

Usually when you buy high-end furniture you’re going to see a ton of trends. This is the cutting edge of design and that’s why it does cost so much money. Really this is where things like mirrored furniture hit at first and then a few years later a lot of the less expensive stores were carrying it. Instead, you could go for trendier bedroom colours and plainer furniture. A great way to get this is to just really define what you love about this piece and then either wait for it to come on the massmarket or you can also just try to recreate it yourself with craft or DIY projects. For instance, right now we are seeing a lot of handpainting on console tables or even silver foil finishes that you can replicate yourself with a little bit of practice.

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