Home Bar Furniture

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home bar furniture

A successful bar owes as much to its decor, furniture, and clientele as it does to the price of drinks, and this is no less true when it comes to home bar furniture. If we are to look beyond the bar and barstools, we must open our eyes to what is already in the home, or what could be. Having a bar in your home should complement your house, and selecting the right home bar furniture is the next step.

So where will your bar go? In the den where you work or unwind and pay bills? In the living room where you most commonly entertain? Perhaps you have a pool house stocked with patio furniture that could use a bar, or maybe you’re one of those fortunate enough to have a large basement with a recreation room just crying out for a bar. A good friend of mine has a bar in his basement, and while he’s no Martha Stewart (thank goodness for that!), all of the home bar furniture in his basement reflects his personality and what he likes to do. In addition to the bar, he has a dart board, a life-size pinball machine, a shuffle board table, a hot tub, a few bean bags, a leather couch and some chairs. It’s a bachelor pad, for sure, but then again he is a bachelor who likes to play games, so it’s perfect.

Color Schemes and Home Bar Furniture

Consider the colors that will be used in the room where your bar will sit. I’m certainly no interior designer, but I do know the difference between light and dark, and what goes with red vinyl barstools (answer: almost anything!). If your bar room receives a lot of natural sunlight, consider using light colors such as blue, yellow, and red to match your oak colored bar. If your room is darker, you may want to go for a tavern look, with lots of dark wood, a brown leather couch, some pub tables, and a mahogany or black painted bar.

When selecting home bar furniture, it helps to think in periods of time, or eras. Irish pubs have remained relatively unchanged for hundreds of years. Art Deco and more modern bars have been popular since the late eighties and nineties. With all of the wine racks and steel rails at your disposal, you can easily incorporate lamps with bright red, purple or blue shades to create a modern glow. Why not take a walk and visit some of your favorite bars to see what kind of furniture and lighting that have in place? Chances are, last time you were there you were so busy ordering and looking for your perfect date, you may not have noticed the furniture.

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