How Long is a Sofa Table

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how long is a sofa table

A sofa table is a table that is designed to be used in a living room. It is usually placed between two sofas and it can be used for displaying decorative pieces, such as vases or small sculptures.

Sofa tables are usually low to the ground, but they can also be taller, which will make them suitable for displaying things on top of them. They are also sometimes called cocktail tables.

What length should a sofa table be?

Height: Your sofa table height should be a few inches below the top of your couch – don’t go taller. Length: Your sofa table should be at minimum about half the length of your sofa. (So for our 120″ long sofa, we needed 60″ minimum.) At the most, leave about a foot to half a foot of space on either end.[1]

How long are most console tables?

A console table is normally a shallow, long table that is placed on a wall or behind a sofa. They are commonly used in a hallway or entryway. The average height is 30 inches, but ranges anywhere from 28′ to 32′.[2]

What is the difference between a console table and a sofa table?

A console table is wide, fairly shallow and roughly as tall as a regular table or desk. A console table is often placed against a wall – but when it’s placed against the back of a sofa, it’s called a sofa table.[3]

How long is a console table?

A standard console table will measure from 24 to 48 inches or 61 to 122 centimeters in table length. They will stand from top to bottom at 26 to 36 inches or 66 to 91 centimeters tall. The table depth will usually range from 12 to 15 inches or 30 to 38 centimeters.[4]

Can a sofa table be shorter than the sofa?

Sofa tables, the console table that sits behind the sofa, should be no taller than the height the sofa back. As for size, consoles can be anywhere from half the length to nearly the full length of the sofa (making sure to allow at least 6 inches from either end).[5]

How tall should an end table be next to a sofa?

Here’s the rule: your end table should be within two inches of your sofa’s arm height. If your couch’s arm stands at just 18 inches, then, you’ll want a shorter end table (between 16-20 inches). Accordingly, taller couches require taller end tables.[6]

Why are console tables so short?

The low height makes it convenient to rest and reach items like drinks, books, and phones. Whereas a console is wide and narrow and about counter height, the ideal side table is 20 to 24 inches tall and 16 to 22 inches wide.[7]

What is the purpose of a sofa table?

Sofa tables are designed to be placed behind your sofa. Using a sofa table will help ground the sofa and make it look more intentional and finished, especially if your sofa is placed in the center of the room and not against a wall. Decorate it with tall items like table lamps or flowers to add some height.[8]

What is the measurements for a console?

On average, a console table measures between 24-48 inches long, 26-36 inches tall, and 12-15 inches deep. However, some console tables can even be as long as 7 feet.[9]

What is the table in front of the couch called?

Coffee Table. This piece, also called a cocktail table is a long low table with four legs that is placed in front of a sofa. It is used to hold glasses, books, magazines or sometimes feet.[10]

How tall should a console table be?

The standard height of a console table, a furniture piece that is both functional and decorative, is around 30 inches. They’re distinguished by being narrower than other tables so that they take up less floor space, a plus in tight spots.[11]

What’s the difference between coffee table and sofa table?

Coffee tables are also much shorter, yet wider, than sofa tables, and their particular designs are often much different. While usually less adorned than a sofa table or console table, coffee tables can still be the focal point of a space.[12]

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