How Long Should Sofa Console Table Be

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how long should sofa console table be

The length of a sofa console table depends on how long your sofa is and how much space you have in your living room. A long sofa console table can look great if you have a lot of space in your living room, while a shorter one can work better if you don’t have as much space.

Should sofa table be shorter than couch?

A modern sofa table should be tall enough to stand out in the space but should still be low enough to sit behind the sofa. Our experts recommend finding a sofa table that stands approximately an inch below the frame of the sofa.[1]

How deep should a console table behind the sofa be?

For practical purposes, a console table used behind a sofa should have 6 inches of clearance on each end. Space savers by design, console tables are generally between 10 and 18 inches deep.[2]

How do I choose a console table behind a sofa?

If using behind a sofa, the height should not be more than the couch. You will also want to make sure the length is the same or shorter than the sofa, but also not too short. It’s all about proportions. The length of your console table shouldn’t be less than two-thirds of the sofa’s length.[3]

How wide should a sofa console table be?

What is this? A standard console table will measure from 24 to 48 inches or 61 to 122 centimeters in table length. They will stand from top to bottom at 26 to 36 inches or 66 to 91 centimeters tall. The table depth will usually range from 12 to 15 inches or 30 to 38 centimeters.[4]

What is the difference between a console and sofa table?

What is the difference between a console table and sofa table? Console tables are usually a standard height (around 33 inches) so you can place them against a wall, whereas sofa tables are low enough to sit behind your sofa.[5]

What is the average length of a sofa table?

The standard size for a sofa table typically ranges from 24 to 48 inches or 61 to 122 centimeters long. A standard sofa table is 26 to 36 inches or 66 to 91 centimeters tall and has a depth from top to bottom of 12 to 15 inches or 30 to 38 centimeters.[6]

What is the measurements for a console?

On average, a console table measures between 24-48 inches long, 26-36 inches tall, and 12-15 inches deep. However, some console tables can even be as long as 7 feet.[7]

What is the height of a console table?

Console Table Heights. The average console table height is 30 inches, though designs can range anywhere from 28 inches to 32 inches in height.[8]

How tall should an entryway console be?

The average height of an entry table (also known as a console table, buffet, or sofa table) is about 30 inches tall. However, they can range from 28 inches tall to heights of 40 inches. Ideally, you want your entry table to be an easy height to set your keys and bags on while you take off your coat.[9]

Why are console tables so short?

The low height makes it convenient to rest and reach items like drinks, books, and phones. Whereas a console is wide and narrow and about counter height, the ideal side table is 20 to 24 inches tall and 16 to 22 inches wide.[10]

What is the purpose of console table?

Console tables provide a space for table lamps and displays of decorative pieces and artwork and, because they are slim, they can fit into narrow areas like halls and entryways as well as into dining rooms and living rooms.[11]

How do you stage a console table?

6 Ways to Style Your Console Table. A little table with a lot of possibilities. Create an Anchor. Give It Some Height. Light It Up. Layer In Colors & Textures. Add Storage if Needed. Play with Symmetry.[12]

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