How the Wrong Furniture in Your Living Room Can Make Your Space Look Horrible!

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wrong living room furniture

When you visit a store you may fall in love with a living room set that includes a sofa and a loveseat, and possibly a few end tables. Many people fail to realize the impact that the wrong sofa can have on their living room space. Just because a piece may look nice at the store does not mean that it will look nice in your home. A lot depends on the size of the space that you are currently working with. If the space that you are dealing with is small, than you need to make sure that you get furniture which fits your space. Furniture that is too large can make your living room appear cramped and stuffy. Or if you have too many furniture pieces in your living room it can end up looking very crowded.

There is one main rule of thumb with regards to your sofa that you may find helpful. First of all if you have a sofa than you really don’t need too many chairs to decorate the living room. Either you go with a sofa and loveseat, or a few end tables, or you work with a few chairs and the tables. Doing a combination of chairs and a sofa can make a room to look pretty crowded and cluttered. If you want to add some decoration to the room such as by using clocks the best kind to use would be wall mounted. Using a full size clock will only take away from your space. What about curtains? When you are trying to pick out curtains or drapes for your living room using bright and airy colors will help your room to look like it has more space.

Remember bright and airy gives your living room a comfortable and open look to your living room. Using dark and boring colors will only take away from the look of your space. If you really want your space to look open and airy then you will need to use an area rug instead of fully carpeting your space. An area rug gives you a nice look, and avoids making your space look to cramp by using too much carpet. Remember that wooden floors really give your living room a nice elegant look. Just make sure that your area rugs match the rest of your room décor. These are just a few ideas and suggestions that you may find helpful when decorating your home, and trying to give yourself a little extra space.

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