How To Choose Your Garden Furniture And Make It Last

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It has become a fashion to have garden furniture as gardens have become extensions of our homes today. Before you decide to buy furniture for your garden, you should do some research to make sure that what you buy will last longer and will provide you the comfort you need.

Decide before hand if you need furniture which will be used during sunny days and shielded away during rainy season or if you want permanent furniture in your garden.

If you want garden furniture that you will be able to move around, you should invest in stackable or foldaway furniture which can be easily transported into a garage or a shed. However if you want permanent furniture, you should invest into hardwood, wrought iron or aluminum furniture. Even if the purchase of permanent garden furniture may cost you in the beginning, it will save you money in the long run.

When you choose furniture for your garden, you should first consider your space. Decide if you want to compliment what is already in your garden or if you want to contrast it; you should choose materials that will highlight your preferences.

If you choose to buy furniture made from wood because it is not heavy and for its beauty, you should also know that wood needs regular maintenance. Go for tropical woods with natural oil. Garden furniture made from Iroko, teak or courbail resists all harsh weather and can be left in a garden without fear of rotting or damage. However, when you buy garden furniture made from wood, you have to make sure that it is joined by tenon or mortise because bolts may corrode. If any metal has been used in wooden garden furniture, make sure that the metal resists corrosion. Make sure that the garden furniture you buy has been made with premium grade materials and it has been dried using the kiln method. This ensures that your garden furniture will not loose its shape or develop any cracks.

If epoxy is used in teak garden furniture, it will add more durability to it because it is not affected by frost or rain unlike other kind of joints.

If your garden furniture becomes stained, you should wash it immediately with detergent and clean water. However teak garden furniture can be maintained with only an annual wash to keep the algae away.

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