How to Clean Leather Furniture And Accessories

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leather furniture

Leather Furniture and Accessories are very stylish and trendy. But they are also highly expensive. We all have many leather products in our homes like furniture, bags, shoes, belts, wallets, jackets etc for which have been quite heavy on our pockets because leather is quite expensive. Leather products need to be properly taken care of by cleaning to avoid fungus and keep it shining otherwise it may become damaged or unsuitable for using. And of course we would not want that, right?

How to clean leather furniture and accessories easily without spending a fortune in maintaining them well? Given below are some tips and home remedies one can use for cleaning leather goods. I am sure these would be of great use if you have furniture and accessories made of leather at home.

  • To make the leather goods shine apply Vaseline using a clean cloth and rub on the product.
  • To wash chamois leather, dip them in warm soapy water and then lather them well. Rinse well with cold water but do not wring them to remove water. Leave them to dry in shade and when dried crumple them up.
  • To clean leather furniture dampen it with a wet cloth and then apply a drop of liquid soap on the cloth and rub the leather using it. Once done take another wet cloth and wipe any soap residue of the leather until it is clean and then allow it to dry. Once done polish it with a little olive oil on a dry cloth and apply on the leather.
  • To clean leather furniture and accessories wipe them using lemon juice.
  • To remove fungus from your favorite leather products, wipe them using a mixture of sodium bicarb and milk. After that clean it using a wet cloth dipped in water and get it dried. Now polish it using a little lavender oil on a cloth so that it smells good.
  • To remove stains from leather goods, wipe with a little warm milk.

The next time you want to clean your leather products at home like furniture, bags, shoes, belts, wallets, jackets etc why not try these home remedies and tips for cleaning?

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