How to Clean Your Leather Furniture

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Some of the nicest furniture in your house is probably leather, so it’s reasonable that you want to keep it clean and new. You will need to lightly wipe down your leather furniture with a dry cloth once per week to keep it clean. However, you will also need to fully clean and condition 3-4 times per year to keep your leather furniture from cracking. This article will serve as a knowledgeable guide to cleaning leather. When you are preparing to clean leather furniture, you always want to begin on a small test spot to make sure that it doesn’t stain or damage the leather in any way. Sometimes using certain oils on furniture can cause it to darken, which may or not be what you are looking for.

Here is what you will need to begin:

2 soft dry cloths

Gentle moisturizing soap (such as Dove)

Leather conditioner

Leather preservative (such as mink oil)

When you are ready to clean leather furniture, begin by taking one of your soft dry cloths and getting it damp with tepid water. Be sure to wring out ALL excess water; you do not want your leather to get very wet. Add a dime-sized amount of gentle moisturizing soap to the cloth. Use this to rub all over the leather furniture in a circular motion, until it forms a light lather. Do not let this sit on the leather very long, and don’t ever use water to wash it away. Take another damp cloth and wipe away the soap right away.

The next step when cleaning leather is to take another soft dry cloth and wipe away any moisture. Use the backside of the cloth to continue to lightly polish. Before continuing onto the next step to clean leather furniture, make sure that the item has completely dried!

When the new clean leather furniture is dry, you will want to treat it with some leather conditioner. Lexol and Mother’s are good brands to choose a conditioner from for clean leather furniture. However, you can find suitable leather conditioner at any hardware store or equine tack shop. You may also find it in your grocery store, although it will probably be more expensive there.

If your clean leather furniture also has stains, there are a few things you may try to remove them. However, some stains may be too difficult to remove and you will want to hire a professional to remove them without damaging your furniture.

Ink is a very difficult stain to remove, so you will probably need a professional. You can try to remove it by spraying it with hairspray, and then wiping that off with a clean cloth. This may or may not work as ink is quite permanent.

To remove a mildew stain, you will need to mix a few household ingredients for cleaning leather. Add 1 cup of water to 1 cup of rubbing alcohol. Place this mixture in a spray bottle and put lightly spritz it onto the mildew stain. Allow this to air dry, and then continue to clean leather furniture with soap and a good conditioner.

If you are very unsure about cleaning your specific item and a small test area doesn’t turn out as planned, stop immediately and contact a professional. Be sure to ask lots of questions and understand what they are going to do before you hire them.

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