How To Get A Sofa Through A Narrow Hallway

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how to get a sofa through a narrow hallway

The first thing you need to do is measure the hallway. It is important to get a sofa that will fit in the space. You can also use a sofa bed instead of a typical sofa if you are having trouble finding one that will fit in the space.

Can you take apart a couch to fit through door?

Turn your sofa upside down and see how they are attached. Some will just need to be unscrewed. Others will need to have the screws that hold the legs in place, on the sofa frame, removed with a screwdriver. This may be all you need to do to fit your sofa through the door.[1]

What if the furniture doesn’t fit through the door?

Remove the Door and Frame If you really can’t fit the furniture through your door, you can always remove the door from the hinges or remove the entire frame. This will give you about another half-inch, which could be the difference between leaving a piece by the curb or not.[2]

How do you get an oversized couch through a door?

For many couches, they are most narrow when leaned vertically. Tilt the sofa so that it is on its side. If the couch is a loveseat, you may be able to slide it through the doorway in an upright position. For a longer couch, you will need to angle the couch and slide it through the doorway in a hooking motion.[3]

What size sofa will fit through a 30 inch door?

It seems the general rule of thumb is that a sofa with that is 38″ deep and 34″ high, max, will fit through a 30″ doorway as long as it is a straight shot through the door.[4]

What size sofa will fit through a 35 inch door?

If the couch is either 29 inches high or deep, it can usually be moved horizontally through a door because interior door openings are usually 29 1/4 inches wide and exterior door openings 35 inches wide, including door stops.[5]

Can you cut a sofa down?

But when taking apart a couch to throw it away, you don’t need to worry about preserving the upholstery, so it’s OK to simply rip or cut the fabric off by hand too. If your cushions are attached, now’s the time to use a box cutter to separate them from the rest of the fabric.[6]

Can you take the back off of a couch?

Take off the back of the sofa if necessary Once you’ve removed all the screws — there are usually about six, tilt the sofa upside down onto its front. The back will come right off.[7]

Can you disassemble and reassemble a couch?

If you plan to reassemble the couch, remove the arms, but leave the upholstery as intact as you possibly can. Next, remove the upholstery that attaches the seat to the back. Unfasten the screws or bolts that hold them together, removing upholstery as you work. Finally, your sofa has been disassembled![8]

Can you take a window out to get a sofa in?

Fitting a sofa through a window opening is usually easier than fitting it through a doorway, since windows can be up to a foot or two wider. The removal process itself is straightforward, and we’ll re-install your window on the same day.[9]

How do you get a couch through a door UK?

Put on a pair of furniture gloves. Remove all cushions before lifting. Lift the sofa from your knees and not your back to prevent possible injuries. Lift the sofa by the frame. For better and easier moving of large sofas or couches, use furniture sliders or lifting straps.[10]

Are all sofa legs removable?

Some sofas have solid frames where the front and back legs are part of the frame system. This means the legs don’t come off. Other sofas have back legs attached to the frame and removable front legs.[11]

How do you know if a couch is too big for a room?

Simply remember the 2:3 rule instead. The sofa should be about two thirds the size of the entire room. If you decide to add in a coffee table too, that should then be two thirds the size of the sofa (if no chaise) or one third to half the size of the sofa if it has a chaise.[12]

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