How To Get Money For Your Old Furniture

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old furniture
  1. Put an ad in your local newspaper and in neighoring communities.  Make sure the person reading your ad can get a clear picture in their mind about the furniture that you are selling.  For example, Beautiful Black Laquer Italian Dining Room Table With Six Chairs.  Ads are usually placed by phone.  Ask how long the ad will run for.  Some ads run for one week and cost $30.
  2. Go on Craigslist website.  It is free to list items for sale and you can even put pictures of your furniture, which can be a big plus.  The only draw back with this is that you don’t know who you are dealing with.  If someone e-mails you back and is interested in the furniture, always ask that they pay you in cash. Never put your phone number in this type of ad. If someone is interested they will contact you by e-mail.  Then you may give the person your phone number to discuss details.
  3. Design a flyer describing your furniture. Then go to your local supermarket, drugstore, etc. and see if they have a bulletin board.  If the flyer contains a picture of your items, you might have a better chance to selling your items.  Some of these stores have bulletin boards as soon as you exit. Many people post things such as, selling items, tutoring servies, help wanted, etc.  Make sure you ask the manager if you can put it up. If you give the flyer to anyone else, you might not see it posted. Posting a flyer is free.
  4. Word of mouth.  Tell friends and neighbors that you are selling your furniture.
  5. Salvation Army.  They will come to your house and will assist you in determing the tax deductible value of the items you are donating.  You can go to the Salvation Army website and see the valuation guide for Salavation Army donations.
  6. Have an inside furniture tag sale.  Just like you would advertise for an outside tag sale, you can have an inside one. People can come in and see your furniture without dragging it outside.
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