How to Mix And Match Pillows on a Sofa

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Pillows are an easy way to accessorize any sofa, but pairing colors can be tricky. Choosing the right colors for your sofa pillows and cushions, as well as knowing how to mix and match throw pillows, can make a huge difference in the overall look of your living room.

The good news is, you do not need to be an ace interior designer in order to achieve professional results. All you need is a little knowledge of colors and matching styles, and you are good to go.

Further, you can read our guide below that suggests just some of the many things that can help you mix and match pillows on your sofa:

Steps to Getting Matching Pillows For Your Sofa

1. Define Your Style

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First, you need to define the style it is that you want for your room. If your sofa is elegant and decent, then you might want to go with silk or velvet pillows in neutral colors like beige, taupe, gray or black. A contemporary look would be best achieved by adding brightly colored pillow covers to your sofa.

2. Consider The Style of Your Sofa

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Another essential factor to consider is the kind of your sofa, as this will determine which pillow combination you can go with and which ones are best avoided for that particular room setting. For example, if you have a traditional sofa in mahogany or walnut finish, then it would be advisable to avoid using bright colors with it. Instead, you can go with a traditional style of pillows in neutral shades.

3. Stick to One or Two Pillow Styles

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While playing around with pillow styles is definitely fun, know that keeping things simple will always look more attractive and balanced. In fact, one or two pillow styles is all you need for an inviting and cozy room. For example, if you have a contemporary sofa with clean lines and simple patterns, you can use one large square pillow as well as a smaller lumbar pillow.

4. Match The Decor in Your Room

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The decor in the room where your sofa is located should be another deciding factor for you to choose matching or contrasting pillow styles. For instance, if the walls are covered with paintings and prints, then you can go with pillows of different styles including solid colored ones as well as patterned ones.

However, if your space is decorated in a minimalist way with just a few choice pieces of artwork here and there, then it would be best to stick with matching colors and patterns.

5. Add Fun And Bold Pillows

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If you want your room to look more lively and vibrant, then add fun and bold pillows and cushions in contrasting colors and styles. For example, if the walls are painted in neutral tones like beige, gray or white, then bright colored decorative pillows will give your room an extra boost of energy.

6. Introduce Contrasting Patterns

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If you just cannot decide between matching or contrasting patterns, then go with both by adding one patterned pillow and another solid color pillow that has a different pattern motif to them. For example, if the large square pillow has striped lines, then try adding one with polka dots.

7. Use Opposites

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Another trick that can help you achieve a balanced look is to use opposite colors and patterns on your sofa pillows. For example, if the solid color pillow has dark colored lines, then try adding one with light-colored stripes or dots. It will balance out the overall look in the best way.

8. Spice Things Up With Zebra Prints

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Zebra print pillows are a great option if you want to add a bit of drama and glamor to your room but do not want the look to be too bold or overstated. Mix and match with solids for a more sophisticated look or go contrasting colors with them for a more playful edge.

9. You Can Never Go Wrong With Stripes

Striped pillows are another great option to consider if you want your room to look stylish and inviting at the same time. A striped pillow can be used as an accent with solids, or you can even go with stripes on stripes that play with horizontal and vertical lines.

10. Add Texture to Your Room With Pile Up Pillows

If you want to add texture to your room, then go with pile up pillows that add depth and dimension to the overall look. Layer multiple patterns and colors in different textures such as silk, velvet or chenille for an eye-catching visual effect.

11. Use Retro Throw Pillows

Retro throw pillows are another fun option you should consider for spicing up your interior design and the look of your room. Retro cushion covers and pillows take inspiration from old-school styles that were popular in the 50s, 60s and 70s, so mixing them with modern pieces and large scale pattern will give your room a chic vintage look.

12. Go With Square Couch Pillows

Square pillows are another great option to consider if you want your room to look classy and inviting at the same time. They can be used in pairs on one side of the sofa, or they can also be added as accent pieces on end tables for a more complete look.

General Tips to Match Throw Pillows For a Sofa in Your Family Room

Below are some generic tips that might help you match and mix pillows on your sofa further:

  1. Match the colors of your sofa pillows to the colors of your room’s wall and rug or select similar tone of color for a more cohesive look. Color mixing with the right color palette is the key.
  2. Another thing you should do is to choose soft and beautiful pillows for your space. They are more comfortable than the firmer ones that are usually used in other rooms of the house.
  3. Make sure that your choice of color does not clash with the existing colors in the space. Choose patterns and colors that compliment.
  4. You can also add hints of color by choosing pillows that feature a variety of different colors and different patterns on them. Go for three pillows: one with the large patterns, second that appeals to one’s visual interest, and third pattern with some sort of a color story.
  5. Always keep things minimal no matter how much of a color scheme pop you want. Minimalism surely goes a long way.
  6. The number of pillows you use on your sofa should correspond the size of the sofa and style of the frame.


Throughout the years, the sofa has been elevated to a piece of furniture that can help define any room.

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for cozy and inviting family room designs or modern and stylish living room ideas; pillows play a critical role in bringing together all elements to create a visually pleasing space that’s complete with inviting appeal.

You can match and mix pillows with different colors, patterns and styles to come up with a look that is perfect for your room.

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