How to Paint Wicker Furniture

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painting wicker furniture

A wicker furniture, whether made of organic or man-made material can be given a complete new look through spray painting. If you have wicker furniture at home and you want to give a fresh look to it, then all you need to do is simply apply spray paint over it. Painting can give your wicker furniture a spanking new look, complementing the surrounding décor. Following instructions will help you learn how to spray paint wicker furniture:


  1. The first thing you need to do prior starting the painting process is clean your furniture properly. Remove all the dust particles or debris with the help of a towel. Make sure there is no residue left on the surface. In case the furniture already has multiple coats of paint, remove the existing layers with light-grain sandpaper. Now wash the furniture and allow it to dry completely.
  2. Select an appropriate location where you could apply the paint on the furniture. Go for a space that is well-ventilated. One of the suitable places to spray paint the wicker furniture is an empty garage. When you start the painting process make sure to keep the garage door cracked about half-way open. This will provide required ventilation and will also keep any breeze out of the garage. You can also opt for any other open area (away from home) where the mist of the spray could easily get dispersed in the wind.
  3. Now cover the ground where you will place the furniture for painting. You can either use an old bed sheet or a cardboard box for the purpose. This will ensure no paint stains on the floor.
  4. Choose the right type of paint for your wicker furniture. It is always better to take into consideration whether the piece is meant for outdoors or indoors. Generally different paints are available for different types of wicker furniture. So, if you want best results then go for the suitable paint.
  5. Now begin with the painting process. Make use of short, fluid sprays for the paint coatings. Prefer multiple lighter paint layers over single thick layer so that you do not have unwanted drip marks on the furniture. Allow 15 to 20 minutes for drying between each coat.


  1. Spray from all the angles so that all the points including the crevices are properly covered.
  2. Spray all the tricky angles first, while the paint can is full. Once the can is almost empty it will be difficult for the paint to get inside the straw.
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