How to Protect Leather Furniture From Cats

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Every cat owner knows that their feline friend is inquisitive by nature, and to protect leather furniture from cats can be a difficult task that requires a fair amount of work and thought. In most cases introducing a new piece of leather furniture to a home that has cats is just a plain bad idea, simply because leather furniture can be very expensive and a cat can inflict serious damage very quickly. Unfortunately the damage may not even be intentional – a cat can damage leather furniture merely by walking across it repeatedly, so the best way to protect leather furniture from cats is to keep them off the furniture entirely. While this may sound simple in theory it is much more difficult to accomplish in reality, but there are a few measures a cat owner can take to protect their investment.

The most basic way to protect leather furniture from cats is to keep your leather furnishings covered at all times. While this may limit your personal enjoyment of the furniture, a well-placed blanket or quilt will absorb the impact of your cat’s claws and protect leather furniture quite well. This measure can be modified if the cat owner has the time to train their cat to stay on one spot of the leather furniture that has been covered. Once the cat has become used to staying in one spot on the leather furniture with their own blanket or bed they will be less likely to roam from a location they can call their own.

There are a number of commercially sold spray products that represent an odor that cats hate but are undetectable to humans, which can be applied to protect leather furniture from cats. Similarly, there are also several different types of “cat slippers” that go by different names which can stop a cat’s claws from harming leather furniture. While these slippers work great they can be troublesome to use in the beginning until a cat becomes used to wearing them.

Perhaps the most reasonable way to protect leather furniture from cats is to try every measure available until the one that is most suited for your particular cat becomes apparent. Sometimes the best answer is to incorporate several measures simultaneously in order to dissuade the cat from a number of diverse efforts. Lastly, to protect leather furniture from cats remember to make certain that your cat has plenty of toys and exercise to redirect it’s attention and energies away from viewing your leather furniture as a source of entertainment.

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