How To Remove Dent from Wood Furniture

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furniture dent

If you have a dent in your wood furniture – fear not there is a way to salvage that comfy chair! Basically this technique won’t cost you a fortune, won’t take up a lot of your time and will teach you to not take your aggressions out on inanimate objects ever again. Promise.

Things You’ll Need

* Several sheets of brown wrapping paper

* A medium sized damp cloth

* A warm dry iron

* furniture polish remover

* furniture polish

* soft dry cloth for buffing

Cover the dent with 5 to 8 layers of brown wrapping paper. Place the damp cloth atop the brown wrapping paper. Now carefully apply the warm iron – do not apply too much pressure you are trying to REPAIR the furniture remember. Good. Lift iron and repeat applying the heat until the wood swells and the dent disappears. This may take a few applications and requires your patience – as you wait reflect upon what you have done to this poor helpless piece of furniture that caused the dent in the first place. Alrighty then, your dent should be gone!

Remove iron, warm cloth and brown wrapping paper. You should now have a swelling where the dent used to be!

Now remove old polish *carefully*, apply fresh coat of new polish and buff the piece with the dry buffing cloth until it blends well. You are done!

* If the furniture is antique it is best to seek professional care of the item.

* Keep your hands to yourself.

* Use caution when handling warm iron.

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