How to Strip Paint from Wooden Furniture

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strip paint furniture

Before you can refinish wooden furniture, you must take off any existing paint. Sometimes you can find that one piece of furniture has multiple layers of paint that must be stripped to get to the bare wood. The process to remove paint from wooden chairs, tables or even coffee tables is simple, but requires time and the right products to make it a success. This guide will help you learn how to strip paint from wooden furniture.

Tip 1: Use cotton swabs and toothpicks to help remove paint from small areas

Tip 2: If you get any wood stripper liquid on you, remove it quickly with water

Tip 3: Wear old clothing since it is easy to damage clothing when you are working with chemical paint strippers

 You will need the following supplies to strip paint from wood furniture:

  • Tarps or coverings for the area
  • Wood Stripper- Opt for a thick stripper to make it easier to strip paint
  • Metal Putty Knifes
  • Sandpaper
  • Denatured Alcohol
  • Rags
  • Gloves that can withstand chemicals
  • Eye protection

Step 1: Prepare your Work Area for Stripping Paint

Stripping paint from wood furniture can be a dirty and dangerous. Keep safety in mind and prepare your work area by:

Prepare an area that gives you ample space for your task. Move away any items that could get in the way, or get damaged during the paint stripping.

Increase the airflow in the area by opening windows and doors to increase air circulation.

Place tarps over the floor and any items that you are unable to move that could be damaged.

Place a container of water close to your work area that you can use in case of accidents or spills.

Step 2: Strip Paint from your Wooden Furniture

Place your piece of furniture that you want to work on in the tarp in your work area.

Put a liberal coat of paint stripper on the painted surfaces and allow it to set for 5 to 10 minutes. Look at your stripper brand’s instructions for the proper wait time.

Scrape of stripper and paint with a putty knife.

Continue alternating stripper and scraping until the stain is removed.

Repeat the process on smaller areas and non-flat surfaces carefully.

Step 3: Clean your Wooden Furniture

To finish preparing your wooden furniture for a new finish.

Sand the wood in the same direction as the wood grain.

Start with a coarser grade of sand paper.

Finish with a fine grain sand paper.

Apply denatured alcohol liberally over the entire surface to remove dust, paint remnants and any remaining paint stripping solution.

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