Interesting Furniture Trends

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Interesting furniture trends for 2021 include going green, which is probably no surprise. Since many families are feeling a budget crunch, multi-purpose furniture is tops on the list for most prospective buyers.

The current new trend in sofas is bright. For many years, many neutral sofas were displayed in the shops. This year red is especially good – metal and black accents seem to prevail. Area rugs continue to be used to set off a designated area or bring out colors or accents desired.

Think seriously before buying a bright red sofa. Could your family live with it for years on end? Red, however, can be a great neutral color and accents can be changed seasonally or as the years go by. When buying your sofa, buy the best you can afford. The area rugs, pillows and other accent pieces can easily be picked up as you continue to shop.

Multi-purpose ottomans that can be utilized for storage, as a table or as a comfy place to rest your feet are very much in style. Look around until you find something that is the right shape, size, color and serves the purpose for you and/or your family. Some sofas and chairs have ottomans that come with them. Some are huge. Small squares can easily be found that could slide under a table and used for storage of blankets, toys, electronics or whatever you may need.

Minimize seems to be a key word rather than everything so huge. But remember, if you have large rooms, do not put tiny little pieces in them – or you room will lose the impact of greatness.

Unusual shapes and designs seem to be popping up all over. Lamps, sofas and chairs that are very trendy can easily be spotted in the stores. If you absolutely love the look – go for it. Those sofas and chairs can be very comfortable. If you are in doubt, perhaps a unique lamp would give you the effect without spending your whole budget. Then, if in a few years that trend is totally “out” – just replace the lamp.

Tables are often found bar height instead of regular table height. They can work well in tiny rooms as well as very large rooms. If you have small children, consider that you must lift them up and down and be sure they don’t fall. The elderly could also have problems with getting onto the chairs. Tall tables, as you know, can be fun and they can give your room a total different look.

Bar stools at the kitchen counter can be so much fun. Trendy no-backs are shown all over. But, seriously consider if you want to sit at a bar stool with no back after a hard day at work. If they’re used for a quick snack or fun – buy them!

Fabric covers are more eco-friendly. Be sure to ask about the fabric – and how it is cleaned. Bamboo and linens are currently quite popular.

Gray seems to be a new neutral. Grays can be lovely in your home, but many people tire of gray colors more easily than tans or creams.

Go for it! Brighten up a corner – or the main part of your room[s]. For some, buying new furniture is a must-do. Others just need a piece or two. Take time to seriously consider your purchase. Measure well before you shop. Things seem to “grow” between the store and your home. Also, remember the lighting in your home may be totally different than in the store. What looked green in the store may look blue or even have a yellow hue in your home. A little thought will help to make great choices.

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