IKEA Nockeby Sofa Review

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Ikea Sofas are surely a treat to eyes for most of their release models and the Nockeby is surely no exception. Ever since it was released, it has been a customer favorite.

Many people tend to ask the users if this sofa is a good investment options for home-makers and interior freaks and what features it offers. In this article, we will be going through those questions and giving you a sophisticated review of the Nockeby model.

will also be covering some crucial aspects that would help you answer those doubts on your own as well as knowing whether this sofa is a perfect sofa that can suit your needs as a buyer.

We have tested the Nockeby for some weeks and have come up with a full Nockeby Review. So without further ado, let’s get started with this Ikea Nockeby Review.

Product Overview

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There is some confusion on how many IKEA Nockeby models are there and why are there different sofa sizes. Well, we will cover that as well and clear the confusion to make your buying experience easier and something that you’d absolutely love.

Being an IKEA sofa range, there are three major differences between these models given as follows:

  1. The 2 seater sofa version
  2. The 3 seater sofa version
  3. The 2 seater + chaise sofa version

All these models are available in 2 amazing color shades of beige and dark grey. Now, that you know why you come across differently priced and different sized sofas whenever you search for the Nockeby, let us move on with a generic review of this sofa by IKEA.

The IKEA Nockeby Sofa

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As you can see in the picture, this is one lovely amalgamation of classic design and modern looks. With firm back cushions support and wide seat space, it is surely an ideal pick for users looking to buy a comfortable yet beautiful sofa that could blend into any guest bedroom or living room décor effortlessly.

Having a low back and high seat ensures that the user gets enough support in his/her lower back and doesn’t feel any kind of discomfort after sitting for long hours on this couch.

The one we bought is a 3 seater version with chaise add-ons, which means you get an extra set of cushion leg space for your guests when they come over for a sleepover.

Another notable feature of Nockeby sofa is that, you get four individual cushions instead of two big ones which ensure that the user can easily wash or clean one of these while making sure that the others are useable.

Being an IKEA product, this model has limited choices for material. Only two material types are available for this model. One, the PU leather and the other one, the fabric. These materials come in multiple shades but you can’t really get a combination of both these shades on this particular sofa range.


  • Perfect for people who love a cozy and soft feel in their rooms.
  • Made using best quality materials and thus is quite sturdy
  • Compact style makes it perfect for smaller rooms too
  • Low maintenance


  • Limited color options available on the website
  • Only two material types to choose from
  • Has no waterproof cover
  • Not Stain resistant

Aesthetics of The IKEA NOCKEBY

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The design, as you can see, is quite sleek and compact. Nockeby ikea couch doesn’t use an extra furniture frame to make its arms. Rather, it uses a thick material with buttons on them to hold the armrests which are positioned above the backrest of this model.

This design has been widely appreciated by many customers all over the world and is used to model out other designs as well.

The Nockeby couch uses four cushions instead of two big ones which can be easily shifted around to achieve a comfortable seating posture every time you sit on it.

IKEA Nockeby Seat Cushions And Comfortability

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As far as cushioning and comfortability is concerned, we found that Nockeby didn’t disappoint us either.

The firm seat and the soft cushions ensure that you don’t keep adjusting your body posture in order to get a perfect feel of comfort. As an IKEA product, it is surely overpriced but when looked from its quality perspective, we can see why Nockeby costs more than most other sofa models in the same size and material.

Overall, we think it is a solid 8.5/10 when it comes to comfort and ease of use. So, if comfort is what you usually go for, this sofa should be on your next home interiors update checklist.

Durability of The Nockeby

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This particular sofa model has been in the market for quite some time now and so far, no major durability issues have been reported by customers who have bought this range.

Nockeby is made using hardwood legs which ensure that it stays in its place even when constantly used by multiple people.

Some customers complain that Nockeby is too soft and gets deformed when used regularly by multiple people. However, we found that this was a non-issue for most customers and is only reported by a handful of people who have used it on a daily basis.

What Customers Say – The IEKA Nockeby Sofa Reviews

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As far as the reviews are concerned, Nockeby has received an almost perfect positive feedback from its users.

Most of them say that it is perfect for small living rooms and doesn’t take up much space because of its design. Some also feel that the choice of material used was good because Nockeby doesn’t collect stains or dust very easily.

However, do not let the good reviews consume you, Nockeby for sure is an expensive purchase and you’d only consider buying it if you really are up for a considerable expense. So, make sure you really want it before you place an order for this sofa.

Who Should Buy This?

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People living in small apartments or studios who want to add some extra space in their homes without spending too much can check out this range of IKEA Nockeby Sofas.

People looking for a stylish yet comfortable sofa that doesn’t eat up too much space can also consider buying this range.

The Bottom Line

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We hope you find this review useful. We looked at all the pros and cons of this particular range so that you can make an informed decision while buying it next time.

Also, if you have any queries or doubts about these IKEA sofas, please feel free to ask in the comments section below and we will answer them as soon as possible.

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