Oriental Lamps

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oriental lamps

Lamps with an oriental design can be found in a variety of shapes and sizes. Typically, they are made with natural materials like rice paper, wood and bamboo. Lamps of this nature have a long history in a variety of Asian countries. For example, in Imperial China, rectangular rice paper lamps were often found in teahouses popular in that era. At that time they were fueled by oil. Today, they are lit either by light bulb or candle.

Incorporating Oriental Lamps in Interior Design

Lamps in the traditional Oriental design can be found for the table, the ceiling and the floor. They can be range in size from very grand to quite diminutive. Usually they feature clean lines and angles typical of eastern design.

When choosing the right lamp for a particular room or space, it is important to consider the size of the space and the desired effect of the lamp. If an intimate feeling is desired, a table lamp with either a low wattage or candlelight is the most appropriate. It there is a large area that needs to be lit, a floor lamp can provide a large amount of diffused light that will not overpower a room.

These days, the calm and serenity evoked by eastern furnishings is very popular in contemporary design. Rice paper lamps produce a soft but bright glow. Often the paper is handmade and cast with flowers or other plant materials for an added flair. They work well in a design concept that incorporates other aspects of eastern design such as dark woods and rich colors and simple elegance.

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