5 Piece Sectional Sofa

Amazon.com Price: $2,795.00 (as of 10/04/2023 03:34 PST- Details)

  • Ultra modern styling. It is not available through others.
  • Price includes: Left Sofa + Corner Sofa + Right Sofa + Armless Chair + Ottoman (Configuration same as seen in the photo)
  • Made in 2-tone color, as shown in photos. Grey + Dark Grey microfiber finish.
  • Solid all-wood frame with 3.0 high density foam seat cushions. Metal or black wooden legs.
  • Curbside delivery only; no set up and no move in. Carrier will call to set up delivery appointment before delivery is attempted.


A 5 piece sectional sofa can elevate any game day, movie night, or other home entertainment gathering. Large sectionals provide lots of seats without sacrificing comfort or design, making them ideal for large families or entertaining aficionados. Most are even large enough to accommodate overnight visitors at the last minute.


Fabric sectionals: Fabric sectionals are inexpensive and soft to the touch, making them ideal for cuddling. Fabric sectionals are popular because of their smooth feel and vast range of colors.

Sectionals in faux leather and leather blends: Faux leather is a man-made substitute of actual fabric of leather that is more ecologically friendly. It’s low-maintenance and offers your house the elegant appearance at a fraction of the cost. These sectionals which are made from of leather fabric are made out of a variety of fabrics, ranging from one type of leather to the other.

Sectionals made of bonded leather and actual leather: Unlike imitation skin, other type of skin sofas feature actual leather components. Shredded leather is usually mixed with leather fibres and bonding compounds. Genuine leather, on the other hand is something that is made up of animal skin. It’s a one-time finance that becomes better with age.  Look out for more advices to learn more about what and which kind of leather to use for your furniture


Sectionals that face towards the right have an abbreviated form of RAF. These sofas are the ones that face towards more of right. The sofa that includes the face towards right, for example, it implies the chair present on the right side while you’re directly facing it.

5 piece sectional that face towards the left:  This is the shorter form of LAF. When you face a LAF couch straight, it features the same kind of side just like rafs but in the left side. When buying a 5 piece sectional, look for it in the proper way to get the right components. Getting these both are not easy so it builds confusion hence don’t end up with both sides of RAF couches by accident.

Reversible, modular sectionals: You may renovate components to both of these sectionals. A reversible 5 piece sectional with no arms is a wonderful example. By adding an armless chair to a modular 5 piece sectional, you may quickly extend it.


Sectional with an L-shape

An L-shaped sectional, as the name implies, consists of two couches joined in a L to make a 90-degree angle. On one side, there are usually three cushions, while on the other, there are two cushions. However, there are alternative choices. This design looks great against a wall or floating in the midst of a living room.

Sectional in the shape of a U

For a large family, a U-shaped sectional is ideal. There’s plenty of room to stretch out and plenty of seats. This sectional is perfect for a large living room or if you don’t want to deal with armchairs or other seating options. The U form allows two individuals to sit at the arms of the top of the U, facing each other.

Sectional Chaise

A chaise sectional has a chaise on either the left or right side of the couch, similar to a regular sofa. You can put this sectional almost anyplace a normal sofa would go. The advantage of this sectional is that you may lay down with your feet elevated. It can also be utilized to seat an additional person on the chaise’s edge.

Sectional with a Curve

A curved sectional is a visually attractive and soothing piece of furniture. It encourages lively discussion and is a fantastic option for those who like hosting. Because this sectional can’t be pushed up against a wall, it’s perfect for open-concept living areas or huge rooms.


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