70 Inch Sleeper Sofa – RecPro Charles Collection

Amazon.com Price: $919.95 (as of 10/04/2023 03:34 PST- Details)

  • Color: Mahogany
  • Material: Faux Leather (Polyurethane)
  • Space saving double zero wall hugger recliners only require 3 inches of clearance
  • Dimensions (SOFA) 70″L x 29 1/2″W x 35″H


A sleeper sofa is a unique piece of furniture that you can use in smaller apartments to save space or guest rooms. The sleeper sofas available in today’s markets have come a long way from their uncomfortable reputation. Today the options confirm that you wake up in comfort after a good night’s sleep. You may use a sleeper sofa to nap on, but mainly it would be used as a regular sofa. This is why these sofas have a lot of features similar to an ordinary sofa.

Once you have made your mind to buy one, you will notice there are hundreds of models available. You can choose the best sleeper sofa amongst those in the market. You are able to save space in your rooms by reducing furniture. And the sofas are stylish and unique. They are available in different sizes, colors, materials, and even how comfortable they may be. Today’s models have come a long way, and it’s possible to find comfy and practical options for any budget. The buying guide can provide you with all the information that you may need. If you take your time, you should end up with the perfect fit.

Buying Guide


First and foremost, the material of the sleeper sofa is a key element to consider when buying a sleeper sofa. These sofas are available in velvet, leather, faux leather, corduroy, etc. Making the choice is dependent on many reasons. So, if you have pets, you need to choose a material that can tolerate the mess that your pets make. If you have young children, you may have similar concerns. Removable covers may also be used in these cases so that they can be pulled off and cleaned easily.

The weather is one other factor that you should definitely remember. In hot temperatures, leather can heat up and be very uncomfortable to sit on. In cooler weather, leather can get really cold and make it tough for you to warm up. Moreover, another example is suede or velvet materials. In hotter temperatures, the sleeper can be very uncomfortable. Velvet is very warm and can tend to make your surroundings feel stuffy.


Secondly, the durability of the sleeper may also influence the choice you make for a suitable sleeper sofa. For daily use, you need to be sure that it can handle the daily wear-and-tear of opening and closing. The mechanism to open and close the sleeper sofa should be simple enough for use. In addition, it should be sturdy enough to bear constant movements and avoid becoming squeaky or wobbly.

Remember that the edges of some sofas can be very sharp. Check the corners and see if they would snag onto your clothes, or hurt you. Rounded edges and armrests are a lot more comfortable for use.


The mattress is the most important part of the sleeper sofa. Most sleeper sofas contain innerspring or polyfoam mattresses. Innersprings contain coils that provide some bounce and comfort for the sleeper. The higher the number of coils, the better the quality of the sofas. The mattress should be able to provide you with breathability, support, and firmness. In addition, these sofas will generally be thinner than standard mattresses and can be topped with a mattress topper. If you need the sleeper sofa for constant use, choosing a high-quality mattress may be the better option.

If you have to buy the mattress separately, you need to be careful about its size. Check if the sleeper sofa holds a twin or a queen-sized mattress. Even so, carry proper measurements of the width and the length of the mattress requirements.

Bed Frame

Sleeper sofas are available in either a metal or wooden frame. Metal frames cost lower and last a very long while. However, the strongest and sturdiest frames are made of kiln-dried hardwood. The hardwood frame makes the sleeper sofa heavier but, it is also able to bear more weight. In addition, the hardwood sofas also have a longer life.

Test The sofa

Once you have narrowed down your choices to the top three, it’s time to test them. If you are purchasing the sofa from a physical store, test out the sofa in both positions. It should be comfortable to sit and to sleep on. That’s when you will get something worth your money. However, if you are purchasing the sofa online, you can wait till it’s delivered. Many sites offer a return and exchange option for a limited period, to help you find the most comfortable sleeper sofa out there.

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