Best Sleeper Sofa For RV Price: $1,519.95 (as of 10/04/2023 03:34 PST- Details)

  • Unique modular design that ships with removable backrest for easy installation.
  • Includes Memory Foam Mattress
  • Durable and easy to clean Mahogany Faux Leather (Polyurethane)
  • Dimensions (SOFA) 60″L x 34″W x 37″H (89-1/2″ Overall Depth with bed out)
  • *Item may be subject to Residential Shipping Fee due to size and weight


RV campers are always looking for new items to add to their vehicle, which also guarantees in-home feeling and provides comfort from all sides. Sleeper sofas are an excellent addition to recreational vehicles because they act as dual-purpose furniture.

If you also want a sleeper sofa for RV but cannot decide on one, we recommend reading our buying guide till the end. We have discussed all the factors you need to consider while buying a sleeper sofa for an RV.


As recreational vehicles are a kind of home with less space, everything you put here needs to be small enough to leave space for the other things. The same is the case with sleeper sofas.

While you can opt for pull-out sofas, the problem with these is that they have a complete bed inside. When converted into a bed, the sofa will occupy more space. So, the best idea is to go for sofa beds or futons, which have a single mattress throughout and don’t occupy much space when converted into a bed.

However, if comfort is your priority and you have sufficient space inside the RV, you can also go for pull-out sofa beds.


RVs have a weight limit, and when you already have furniture inside, you have to check the weight of the sleeper sofa before adding one.

In general, sleeper sofas with a pull-out mechanism weigh a lot. However, some sofa beds and futons don’t have much weight because these are sofas that ideally convert into a bed by laying the backrest and lifting the footrest.

So, whatever kind of sleeper you choose, don’t forget to check the weight limit of your RV. After all, you have to add more items as well!

Bed Style

Sleeper sofas specifically for RVs have different styles, and the ease of use and comfort levels differ for all.

Here are the bed styles you can find in sleeper sofas for RVs.


Traditional sleeper sofas are highly comfortable, but the metal frame makes them heavy. They also have a mattress when converted into a bed and you don’t need to have separate cushions.


Jackknife sofas for RVs are a popular option because of their convenience.

You don’t require an additional mattress. You can convert them into a bed only by laying down the backrest.

Inflatable Sleeper

These sleeper sofas are inexpensive and offer comfort according to your style. It is because the air mattress allows you to inflate the sofa as per your comfort levels.

It is an excellent choice with the fact that you can deflate the mattress in the morning and inflate it before sleeping.


Tri-fold sleeper sofas can also be a good choice for RVs. Although a bit heavier, these sleepers have enough space for two people to sleep. They are also highly comfortable and occupy more space when converted into a bed.

Final Words

Finding a sleeper sofa for RVs comes with several things to consider before making your purchase. So, our buying guide to RV sleeper sofas will help you throughout the process.

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