Sofa Covers For Dogs Price: $34.49 (as of 10/04/2023 03:34 PST- Details)

HIGH QUALITY: Elegant quilted texture, thick microfiber, colorfast.Water resistant,Two color options. Double the use.
DIMENSIONS: Sofa Cover: Fit seat width 66 in, Please Measure Before Purchasing; See Measuring Guide in Photos
PREVENT SLIDING: Feature elastic straps; Longer over the arm flap to make the fabric more tight. Two foam pipes, which tucked into the grooves on two sides to stay in place better.
FURNITURE PROTECTOR: Protect your furniture from daily wear and tear, spills and stains. It’s a great choice for homes with children and pets.
EASY CARE: Machine washable, wash at temperature around 30 degrees Celsius, mild laundry detergents are advised, please do not bleach. PACKAGE: One cover with two foam pipes.



Dogs are a part of our family, but these pooches can become irritating when they constantly make the sofas dirty with their drooling, bathroom accidents, and fur all around. Of course, we love our pets and cannot throw them out. So, buying a portable sofa cover for the dog seems to be the best idea here!

If you want to buy one, don’t forget to read our buying guide for sofa covers! It will definitely help you get the best one according to your needs.

Here are the factors you need to consider before buying a sofa cover for dogs.


No matter what sofa cover you buy, the material is perhaps an essential factor to consider. But, when it comes to dogs, you need to be a little more mindful.

People who buy sofa covers, especially for dogs, are tired of cleaning the sofa from their pet’s drool, fur, and dirt stains it might leave.

So, the material should be thick enough to prevent tough stains from penetrating the sofa.

Also, the material should allow you to easily remove the fur instead of making it stick to the surface.

Cotton, microfiber, and leather are excellent materials for sofa covers.

These materials are durable and won’t tear apart with your dog’s claws as well.

Machine Washable

Pet hair and dirt stains are never easy to clean for owners. So, instead of hand-washing them daily, a washing machine is a portable option.

If ease of cleaning is your preference, we recommend buying a machine-washable sofa cover.

You can wash it daily by spinning it in the machine, which will save a lot of your time, and the sofa will also look clean!


If your sofa cover perfectly fits the couch, it will not only leave an enhanced look but also prevent it from crippling as the dog moves over the sofa.

Of course, our dogs don’t know that they can leave the sofa cover deformed after resting on it.

To prevent this, the cover should be of the right size and fit perfectly. In this way, it won’t move out of place when the dog runs over the sofa.


The color of the sofa cover will definitely depend on the theme of the living room and the original color of the couch.

However, if you face problems with your dog’s hair left on the sofa, you can buy a sofa cover of the same color as your dog’s fur.

It will prevent the hair from being prominent on the sofa, and cleaning it will a vacuum cleaner once a day would be enough.

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