Tufted Sectional Sofa – Casa Andrea Milano

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  • MICROFIBER SUEDE UPHOLSTERY SOFA: Configurable feature with reversible chaise ottoman setup for stylish living room setting in small or large family living room spaces
  • STURDY HARDWOOD FRAME: Upholstered in plush microfiber fabrics. 100% Polyester Microfiber Fabric comes with detachable cushions for easy washing & cleaning
  • MODERN BUTTON TUFTED DESIGN: detailed accents on both cushions and ottoman/coffee table
  • HARDWARE & MANUAL INCLUDED: easily packed together (concealed underneath sofa dust cover when shipped)
  • ASSEMBLY REQUIRED: Comes in complete package to put together Comes in a few boxes


Upholstery is attached to the frame using precisely placed buttons on tufted sectional couches. This results in a pattern of indentations, giving the garment a fitted look with a particular design feature. Tufting keeps your couch cushions in place so you don’t have to fluff them all the time.

Your Living Area Dimensions

The living area is by far the most dominant area and the most important factor when it comes to buy a sofa. Depending on the length and width your lounging area is, the size of the sofa may. Whereas a couch is the most affordable procedure add seats, if you’re thinking of chairs and other furniture, a sectional shouldn’t block traffic or overshadow the side tables and other equipment including decorations. People may think this as a very confusing subject to look onto hence look for our advice on the details given about a sectional couch before you go shopping to make sure you know which measurement will be absolute perfect for your area.

Sectional Shape

L-Shaped Sectionals

The tufted sectional sofas we’re talking about under this topic are the ones that contain a big couch which has more than two seats and a seat next to it is a single seater that meet at the end to make a shape that is L. This category includes sofa chaises. The tufted sectional sofas discussed in here are the L shaped and they are among the ones that are compact yet cute and these come under common types of tufted sectional sofas. These tufted sectional sofas are ideal for smaller areas since they can easily be kept around the ends of the room or in the study area as well.


U-shaped tufted sectional sofas include big, less than six eat couches that come up with armrests at both the ends of the couch. A two or a one seater is usually on one arm, while the two or a one person tuffet is on the other. The tufted sectional sofas that are U-shaped are heavier than the tufted sectional sofas we talked above about, since the other armrest stick out towards the other area, thus they’re perfect for bigger rooms or open design. Because their lounging is gathered around a focal space, U-shaped kind of couches actually make a better look of the whole place and combine well with a tea stand.


Curved sectional sofas may seat four to 10 people and are defined by a single long, inwardly curving couch. Sectional sofas that are curved are difficult to position with a pain straight surface because of their flawless and flexible looking figure, but they are stunning when middle of the compartment near to a circular tea stand. Curved sectional sofas are a perfect example of practical beauty, even if they aren’t ideal for smaller rooms.


Sectional couches may be customized not only in terms of shape, but also in terms of orientation.

Right And Left Facing

Talking about the sectionals that are in the shape of an L you’ll encounter words like sectionals facing towards the right or the left, which relate towards the armrest positioning at the time when you’re seeing at it from the front. Once you’ve decided the place you have to decide where to keep your sectional to go, restrict your way of keeping the sectional that goes right with your living room’s arrangement.

The sectionals that could be reversed: The brief part of the couch that had armrests in these frequently sectionals that are L-shaped may be easily shifted from the opposite corner to the different corner for placing the sectional in a different manner.


If you find yourself searching for a sectional, a symmetrical arrangement with equal-length projecting arms is an option. Uniform adjustments are useful for integrating the architecture of a room and typically give more seats than asymmetrical choices.


Despite of the fact that sectionals arrive preassembled, you may usually design your perfect configuration aligning the parts at the right position listed below. You can switch and change the parts to make the arrangement with the adjustments you desire using modular sectionals. These designs are excellent for making the most of the sectional.

Additional Features to Look For


In this feature a single seat or two seats covering these couches lay back, changing the couch into a conversational space to a relaxing retreat.


These types of couches may be transformed from a place to sit to a place where anyone could sleep by removing the bed frame from the sectional base or straightening the seat of the couch into a comfy bed on which you could easily relax.

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