Teak Outdoor Furniture And Care It Needs

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Your teak outdoor furniture needs to have a little care to keep it looking as rich as the day you bought it. Your teak outdoor furniture will probably outlast many other types of wood outdoor furniture and all it really needs is a proper cleaning.

If your teak furniture is brand new you want to decide if you want it to age to a gorgeous silver gray patina or if you wan to keep the original honey wood color. Many people prefer the ease of caring for teak by letting it age to the beautiful patina. Other homeowners prefer to keep the original color so they protect the wood by sealing it.

Ths first thing you want to do is use a teak protectant on all the pieces. You also want to clean your teak patio furniture whether you want to keep the original color or you want the silver-gray patina. You furniture should have come with the manufacturers suggested name of a cleaning product or you can mix together a potion of 2 parts laundry detergent with bleach and 1 part water and apply it to your furniture using a soft brush. Next you want to rinse all the teak with water to remove the suds and dirt residue. This is all you need to do if you are going to let the furniture age and develop the rich patina.

If you are going to keep the original rich honey color of the teak furniture you will need to clean it, rinse it, and allow it to dry; now you want to use a teak sealant for protection. Most of the teak sealants that are available will contain agents that help prevent the wood from mold and mildew. A teak oil sealant can be applied which will help maintain the original coloring. The teak oils and sealants protect your furniture from bleaching by ultraviolet rays but you will also need to apply them to the furniture every 6 months to a year to preserve the original color of the wood.

Varnishes and water sealers do not need to be applied to teak wood furniture for protection. The natural oils in the wood will seal out any moisture. Varnishes have a tendency to chip and flake requiring you to sand the furniture in order to remove it all. Oily foods, some drinks, and Ketchup could possibly stain your teak garden furniture but a clear coat sealant can be applied to the pieces of furniture that will come in contact with food. Teak wood is resistant to rotting and warping but it is still a bad idea to let your furniture stand in water.

Teak wood is a dense close-grained hardwood. It has a high level of natural oil which allows a resistance to moisture and dry weather. It will not rust or corrode any metals it comes in contact with and it will be able to deal with any weather conditions. Teak is one of the most elegant, durable, and low maintenance woods on the market today.

Your teak outdoor furniture will weather quite beautifully without having to worry about any rotting. It will only need a minimal amount of care; sealing and treating the wood are not necessary. After a few seasons in the outdoors the teak furniture should start showing a silver-gray look; if you wish to retain the original color of the wood you can follow the teak wood care maintenance guideline above. Teak will develop a silver-gray patina or keep its original honey color without rotting, splintering, twisting, or warping.

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