Tips For Choosing Furniture For Your Home Interior

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home interior

A house is not complete it if has not been decorated with various types of home interiors. The presence of home interiors will pamper the occupants of the house. Home is where the return of a person after a day of struggling, working, living, pursuit of knowledge. The house is a nest of a family, where they take off tired and weary after undergoing intensive activity in the midst of the hustle and bustle of a city. Feeling tired and weary course be lost if the interior of the house is designed appropriately.

The house is everything to someone. If you are traveling out of town or overseas, no matter how comfortable circumstances in a hotel or relative’s house, you certainly missed the warmth of your own home. Place your chatting with family.

The house of course should be comfortable and homey. In order for the occupants feel at home under its auspices. And comfort is derived not from the luxury of a home. The splendor of the building, or foreign-made furniture.

Comfort of a home you can get by filling home furnishings appropriate to the circumstances and daily activities that you and your family are doing. In accordance with your personality traits and other residents.

Hunting for home furnishings, but also rewarding its own fun if you manage to get your coveted item. Interior of your home will become more beautiful and reflect your personality and family. You can ask a friend or relative, where to get a quality home interior furniture at affordable prices.

In addition to buying at a furniture store, you can hunt in the interior furnishings household appliances show room, garage sale people who want to move house, thrift stores, antique shops and more. In addition, you can also hunt through the virtual world.

Various Types of Materials for Interior Furnishing Houses

There are many home interior furnishings are available on the market. The material is also diverse. Some are made of iron, solid wood, PVC wood / plywood / multiplex and too plastic. You choose the interior furnishings are made from what? That depends on your taste and your financial condition. Each material has advantages and disadvantages of each.

Iron furniture durable, less expensive and if untreated can rust. Furniture from solid wood, are expensive, durable in use but the impression of weight and less suitable for small house. Furniture made from multiplex, cheaper prices, the model is more varied but less durable in use. Finally, the plastic material. The price is cheap, but impressed many design options cheap.

Interior House – Before Shopping Household Furniture

  1. Before buying furniture, you and your partner should discuss first. Whatever your furniture needs, how bujetnya and style of what you both want. Is your home a minimalist style, tropical, ethnic, or other. Customize your furniture to be purchased with the model home and your tastes.
  2. As a reference to buy furniture and arranging the room, you can buy magazines or tabloids about the house or open a website about home.
  3. For the small house of type 21 to 45, the room is limited. Typically, living together with family room. If the house you rarely have visitors, it’s better to buy a sofa or chair living room consisting of two seats only.
  4. You can buy furniture that is multifunctional to save space. For example, you can select a sofa bed. Thus, functions as a couch when there are guests and at night, you can make it a place to relax while watching television. Or sideboard television that looks like the coffin, in which you can put stuff that is rarely used.
  5. For the small house, you can order home furnishings to suit your room size. Figure also design you want to not take too long to discuss with the author. Indeed, cost is a bit more expensive than buying in stores. But, you are more satisfied because getting furniture that is really appropriate for your needs
  6. If buying so, try to measure it before the furniture store. It might, furniture looks small when displayed in the show room and when inserted into your house, do not fit!
  7. Want to save and you have acquaintances artisans, better make your own furniture. Unused material can also be used. For example, used wood crates.
  8. Currently, many magazines or tabloids are talking about sundries home. There is a rubric that contains step by step of making household furniture such as shelves, tables, etc.. You can example.

Types of Interior Lighting for Home

There are several types of lamps are highly suitable for the interior of the house, for example, or a fluorescent bulb (normal lamp) mounted on lamp shades. The types of decorative lighting for the interior of the house is very varied and classified through a variety of ways fitting or type of lighting accessories used for the interior of the house, such as ceiling lights (ceiling lamps), spotlight (spotlight), and others. Use these lights can support the interior design of your home.

  1. Ceiling Lights (Ceiling Lamp)

This type of lighting for the interior of a house that is usually mounted below the ceiling and have diverse forms of accessories. Ceiling light for the interior of this house can be found in stores lighting, building materials supermarkets and home appliances, or in other places that sell a variety of home interiors.

  1. Hanging Lights (Pendant Fixtures)

The interior houses a chandelier is the most used type of lighting in homes because installing a network kebelnya easy. In general, ground-floor chandelier ceiling made from concrete, wearing chandelier interior.

This unusual house interiors fitted to fill the high ceilings, for example in the void, stairs, and others. In addition, these lights can serve to illuminate a specific area, for example, the dining room. Thus, the interior of the house in the form of this chandelier has many functions.

  1. Wall Lamp (Lamps Wall)

In the interior of the house, wall lamp is widely used as wall hangings or can be as little room lights dim as the night before and the other lights are turned off. Interior walls also house a lamp can be used to strengthen a room, such as seating areas. Can also function as a giver of directions, eg in hotel lobbies.

  1. Floor Lamp (Floor Lamps)

Floor lamp can also be used in the house to provide more penchayaan or reinforce the beauty of a home interior design. The interior of this house can be used as a reading lamp beside the reading chair, sofa, or to decorate your living room.

  1. Table Lamp (Lamps Desk)

The interior houses a desk lamp is usually used and functioned as a torch when reading or other activities on the table. In general, these lights are only used on tables should be arranged so that the quantity of light and the light direction as needed.

Not hard, was it, choose furniture that is suitable for interior home your pride? Let’s hunt!

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