Tips for Making Cheap Furniture Look Better

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cheap furniture

Many families don’t have the budget to buy high-end furniture pieces. Others choose to spend money on expensive furniture when cheaper versions will do. Wherever you fall on the spectrum, there are some simple ways to make any furniture piece look better.

Refinish It

Does the fabric on your chair look drab? Is the wood finish on your coffee table ugly? Many furniture pieces can be easily refinished to get an updated or more expensive look. For fabric pieces, you can reupholster in a fabric that is better suited to your decor. Choose a fun pattern or add a bright color to the piece.

Wood lends itself well to either staining or painting. If you have a solid wood piece that you like but the wood color is not quite right, consider staining the wood. You can find a variety of stain colors to customize the piece. If you prefer the painted look or your furniture is made from MDF or other artificial wood products, a new coat of paint is an option. Choose a color that complements the rest of the furnishings in that room.

Add Details

Expensive furniture often varies from cheap furniture in the details. You might find much more detail or more features on an expensive piece that is similar to your cheaper version. Add your own details for much cheaper than you could buy an ornate piece of furniture. Here are some easy ways to add detail:

  • Replace knobs and drawer pulls, or add them if the piece doesn’t have anything on it.
  • Use wood trim pieces to doors to create a raised panel look.
  • Add finials to posts or corners of wood pieces.
  • Line bookshelves with wallpaper.
  • Tile on top of tables.

Cover It Up

In some cases, covering up the cheap furniture is the way to go. For an outdated couch, a slip cover is an option. Choose a slip cover that fits well so it looks like it belongs on the couch. Pillows also work to dress up a couch or chair. A few decorative throw pillows are much cheaper than buying a new couch.

With a few new touches, you give your cheap furniture an instant makeover. You save money and get a new look with just a little work.

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