Used Office Furniture For Small Business

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modular office furniture

Many businesses are starting to realize the value of buying used furniture. It save money and it gives an office a fresh look. Offices usually consist of a desk, a chair and maybe a filing cabinet. While this has become a staple of offices around the world, there is a lot of office furniture that you simply do not know about. Setting up your office for maximum productivity will give you and your employees the best setting for conducting business efficiently. Here are 5 pieces of used office furniture for small business you didn’t know you needed.

  1. 2 Person High Tech Pods

Utilizing space is a necessity in small business. With a 2 Person High Tech Pod you will be able to take space that was designated for one person and turn it into a two person workspace. This piece of furniture works with a divider and comes with separate electrical outlets so computers and desk space do not have to be connected to just one person. If the time comes that one person needs the entire pod, you can simply remove the divider and give them even more space to work.

  1. Open Plan Workstations

Most small businesses are going to be using open plans for their offices. An open plan has the advantage of offering communication and teamwork when utilized properly. One of the best ways to conserve space and keep productivity up is to use an open plan workstation. Open plan workstations give 3-4 employees their own workspace, but it all works through one piece of furniture. This allows the business to give more employees a desk without having to take up too much space through individual cubicles. There are a lot of designs for this type of workstation so find one that is going to conserve the most space in your small business office.

  1. Modular Offices

Have you found the perfect building to work out of but it doesn’t have an office? One of the best pieces of furniture that you can invest in is a modular officer. A modular office is a pre-built office that you can put into an open plan workspace. This gives you the privacy you want with the ability to lock the door when you leave at night. These types of offices come with a ton of options. Choose from maple, oak or cherry for the outside. You can even install mini blinds on the walls for more privacy.

  1. Fireproof Filing Cabinets

We live in a digital world, but there are some things that simply must be backed up by a hard copy. One of the best investments you can make for your small business is a fireproof filing cabinet. These filing cabinets come in a tone of designs and colors so you can match it with your office. Store important tax or employee information so you’re covered in the event of a fire. These filing cabinets are designed just like a regular model so it will not take up any more room than necessary. They are specifically designed to withstand the heat of a fire to protect your important documents.

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