What Does Laf Sofa Mean

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what does laf sofa mean

A laf sofa is a type of sofa that is usually found in the living room. It is usually placed in the center of the room, and it can be used for both sitting and lying down.

Laf sofas are typically used to provide a comfortable space for guests to relax if they come over to your house or apartment. They are also great for lounging with your family or friends.

How do you know if you need a left or right facing sectional?

Right Facing Sectional Meaning To determine whether a sectional sofa piece is left facing or right facing, stand facing the piece in question. If the sofa arm is on the right side, you’re looking at a right facing sectional piece.[1]

What is a LAF chaise?

What is Left Arm Facing (LAF) and Right Arm Facing (RAF)? When facing a piece of furniture, specifically a sectional, you will have a right side and a left side. If you notice that the furniture states “Sectional With Left Arm Facing Chaise” this will mean that the chaise will sit on the left side of the sectional.[2]

What is a LAF recliner?

LAF (Left Arm Facing) If you’re standing in front of a sectional and facing it, the arm of a LAF piece will be on the left side of the piece and the LAF piece will be on the left side of the sectional.[3]

How do you find LAF?

When you look directly at the sectional sofa and the chaise is on your right-hand side, that’s what we call a Right Arm Facing (RAF) sectional or simply a sectional facing right. The Left Arm Facing (LAF) sectional has the chaise on your left-hand side.[4]

Is it OK to put a sofa in front of a window?

While it is often disputed in the world of interiors, the simple answer is that yes, it is okay to put a sofa in front of a window. Sometimes, there is just no way around it. But if faced with this design dilemma, there are ways to ensure the overall scheme works well when you’re limited to this placement.[5]

How do you choose a left or right corner sofa?

If you are looking at the sofa, facing the longest edge, it is a right-hand sofa if the corner and the short edge are to your right. Obviously, then, it is a left-hand sofa if the corner and the short edge are to your left.[6]

What does RSF mean in furniture?

RSF – Rentable Square Feet Rentable Square Feet is the metric that you pay for. It includes USF and a portion of building-common spaces.[7]

What does right arm sofa mean?

RAF – right-arm facing. It means if you’re standing and staring at your sectional, the arm is on your right side. This only applies to a sectional piece that has one arm.[8]

What is a left facing sectional sofa?

Left Facing. The designation right-arm facing and left-arm facing, abbreviated as RAF and LAF, simply refer to the side on which the arm is placed if you are looking directly at the sectional piece.[9]

What is RAF corner chaise?

Notice that in this example, when you are facing the sectional, the chaise piece’s arm can be found on the right side. Thus, we call this a Right Arm Facing (RAF) Chaise Sectional.[10]

Should your couch be against the wall?

Don’t push all your furniture up against the walls. Pull your sofa (or other seating) out at least 12″ from the wall. It will make the space seem more inviting and cozy, instead of creating a big bunch of weird dead space in the middle.[11]

What color sofa is good in feng shui?

Bronze and white are also solid colors when it comes to recommendations of Feng Shui living room colors. Light gray or off white walls along with statement furniture pieces work beautifully. Not just visually appealing, having this kind of living room in your home makes it energetically charged and joyous.[12]

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