What is a Pit Sofa

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what is a pit sofa

A pit sofa is a long, bench-style sofa. It is the most common type of sofa in the UK, and it is also popular in the US. The name “pit” comes from its resemblance to an open-pit coal mine.

The term “pit” can also refer to a type of sofa with a low back and no arms that’s designed for lounging on one side.

What is a sofa pit?

A “pit couch” is a large, deep couch that forms a large, soft “pit” for multiple people to sit or lay in. Usually comprised of 6 or more sections that are arranged in a square or rectangle formation. Pit couches go by other names as well including “Modular Sectionals”, “Pit Sectionals”, “Modular Pit Sofa”, etc.[1]

What is a pit group?

PIT Group is an unbiased, neutral testing organization that helps manufacturers and fleet managers provide and select the best technologies to reduce costs and environmental impact.[2]

What is a modular sectional sofa?

A modular, or sectional, sofa is a sofa that’s made up of a number of different ‘modules’ or sections. These modules can be purchased together or separately and arranged to make a sofa that fits your space perfectly and according to whatever you need.[3]

What is the difference between a sofa and a sectional?

Generally, sectionals are more oversized and casual looking; while sofas have more formal options available, as well as casual looks. A sofa paired with a loveseat or chairs can also provide more visual space in your room since there is empty space between the pieces; while a sectional helps fill and ground your room.[4]

Is it possible to build your own couch?

Custom wooden DIY sofa Since you’re basically building your own couch from scratch you get to decide the dimensions, shape and everything else. You can start by picking your couch cushions. Once you find a design and size you like, you can build the frame of the couch around them.[5]

What is a pit group sectional?

The sectional features splayed feet and rounded arms, and it comes with foam-filled back and seat cushions wrapped in gray polyester upholstery. The rectangular table features a streamlined silhouette, and it’s ideal for holding a tray of drinks or snacks.[6]

Do modular sofas move around?

By design, a modular sofa is easily moved around and rearranged. While this allows you to create different looks and configurations, some modular sofas move or separate when you sit down which can be very frustrating.[7]

How do modular sectionals stay together?

Modular sofas connect with metal clips called ‘crocodile’ clips. These are zig-zag brackets on one side, with a triangle post on the opposite side that slots into it. The best way to connect the two pieces is with another person.[8]

Is sectional the same as modular?

Both ‘sectional’ and ‘modular’ refer to a sofa that is assembled through two or more connected pieces. While modern sectionals tend to refer to an arrangement that is a sofa or love seat combined with a chaise, a modular sofa refers to a sofa line that has a wide variety of pieces.[9]

What are the L-shaped couches called?

When the term “sectional sofa” comes up, most people immediately picture a huge L-shaped couch that takes up most of the living room.[10]

Why are sectionals so popular?

Their popularity spiked when chain furniture stores began foisting the concept on customers as a quick fix. The piece does provide an easy, and often least expensive, solution to a seating problem – put one in a room and three-quarters of your seating needs are resolved with one piece of furniture.[11]

What is a sofa with a chaise called?

Chaise Sectional: A sectional made up of half a normal sofa and half a chaise, which is a long chair designed for putting your feet up. Two-Chaise Sectional: A sectional with two chaises, one on each end.[12]

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