Where To Put Sofa Table

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where to put sofa table

A sofa table can be a great addition to your living room. It can help you to display your favorite books, magazines and other decorative items.

Regardless of where you put it, make sure that the sofa table is not obstructing any of the walkways in your home. If you are concerned about furniture placement, consult with a professional interior designer or ask your friends for advice.

When should I put my sofa table?

It’s usually used for extra storage or to add visual interest in a space that leaves the back of the sofa visible—but it can also be a great way to create a sense of harmony between the living room and dining room area.[1]

Where should a table be placed in a living room?

The layout of your living room will help you when placing a dining table. A common placement for a rectangular dining table is against the back of a couch. If your living room is close to a kitchen that is not big enough to accommodate the table, use your dining table as a room divider.[2]

Where is the best place to put a console table?

Hallway or Entryway. The classic application for a console table is in the foyer or hallway of a home. Dining Room. Another application for a console table is in the dining room. Living Room. Living room applications for console tables are varied. Bedroom.[3]

Should I put a table behind my couch?

Sofa tables are really great in living rooms with open floor plans where the sofa doesn’t sit against the wall. The table would act as a divider, a buffer between the sitting area and some other space and it would also provide useful storage space for all sorts of things, including decorations.[4]

What is the difference between a sofa table and a console table?

What is the difference between a console table and sofa table? Console tables are usually a standard height (around 33 inches) so you can place them against a wall, whereas sofa tables are low enough to sit behind your sofa.[5]

How tall should sofa table be behind couch?

Height: Your sofa table height should be equal to or a few inches below the top of your couch. If your sofa is an inch or two taller that the table that is okay, but don’t go much over. Length: Your sofa table should be at minimum about half the length of your sofa.[6]

Does coffee table have to be centered with sofa?

Although it is customary for the coffee table to be centered in a room, this isn’t always necessary. In fact, some rooms do not have an ideal shape for this layout. Sometimes, a living room with an odd size can even work better by using two center points.[7]

How do you choose furniture placement?

Consider Popular Furniture Layouts. Choose a Focal Point. Don’t Push Furniture Against the Walls. Determine TV Placement. Create Conversation Areas. Find Balance When Arranging Furniture. Consider Traffic Flow. Use the Right-Size Rugs.[8]

Can I put console table in living room?

If your living room has a broad, empty wall that you’re unsure how to decorate, a console table might be the perfect solution. Simply place a console table, supplemented by a large wall mirror or large piece of wall art, where a fireplace and mantel might have been, and decorate accordingly.[9]

Can you put a console table in front of a window?

A console table is the ideal design for this purpose; most will be the perfect height. Since they’re usually made for entryways they’re also very shallow, which will be perfect for a few plants and won’t take up too much space. Something with storage in the front is even better, especially in a cramped apartment.[10]

Can I put console table in the kitchen?

Console Table in the Kitchen/Dining Room. Console tables with multiple shelves are the perfect addition to organize dishes in the kitchen and dining areas. I like to show off some of my favorite collections and add a few decorative finds to open shelving.[11]

What is table behind sofa called?

A console table is often placed against a wall – but when it’s placed against the back of a sofa, it’s called a sofa table.[12]

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