Wooden Tray Sets

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wooden tray sets

These days several different household items have become design elements in addition to their practical functions. One of these items is the wooden tray. Practically speaking, wooden tray sets serve a variety of functions including providing a hard surface to eat on, work on and write on. But, wooden trays can also be used as a decorative element to fit any design.

Choosing a Wooden Tray Set

Many different artisans from many different countries produce wooden trays. They are typically found in sets of three trays that nest, or fit, into one another for easy storage and transportation. They can be found in a variety of different types of woods and styles. They may also be hand-painted, embossed or carved.

One of the newest trends in interior design is the use of the upholstered ottoman in the place of the traditional coffee table. This is a very comfortable and practical design element, but it prevents one of the essential functions of a coffee table–a place to rest coffee cups and other dishes. This is where wooden tray sets come in. A wooden tray rested on an ottoman provides the perfect solution to this problem.

When choosing the appropriate tray set, one should consider what its primary function will be. If the function will be mostly practical, it will be often eaten on or worked on and may take a lot of wear, a less expensive more simplistic type of tray may be best. However, if the function will be more decorative, a more expensive and/or intricate design may be worth the investment.

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