Chenille Sectional Sofa Price: $1,089.99 (as of 10/04/2023 03:34 PST- Details)

  • One (1) dark grey sectional sofa
  • Chenille fabric upholstery with nailhead trim
  • 2-seater with pull-out bed
  • Right side chaise with storage and lift-top
  • Ships in two (2) boxes and requires assembly


Chenille, which means “caterpillar” in French, is an apt moniker for this soft, thick fabric with a fuzzy texture. Some chenille sectional sofas are more durable than others due to qualities including a tight weave, correct pile direction, and pretreatment fabric treatments.


U-shaped and L-shaped chenille sectional couches are the most common, but there are also curved back sectionals that make a broader, semicircle shape. Although style does not always imply quality, it is an essential aspect to consider when purchasing a chenille sectional couch. The traditional L-shaped sectional is constructed in two parts. These may be two tiny loveseat-sized pieces, a couch and a loveseat, or a chenille sectional sofa and chaise. When three sofa-sized pieces are put together, they form two 90-degree angles, forming a U-shaped sectional. They can also be constructed with a sofa in the middle and a chaise on either end. Curved forms provide a sectional without the sharp corners that L- and U-shaped designs have. Curved sectionals, on the other hand, are difficult to fit into corners because they lack the 90-degree angle of these arrangements.


There is a specific kind of frame work which is known to be the hallmark of the best of the best because that kind of frame work will not warp or break like other frameworks which are made up of different materials. This counts to be a prominent and an important factor because couch components are not a single piece with that being said these can also be kept the way you want it to be kept. A chenille sectional sofa which connects the back, seat, and arms, are generally bonded, dowelled, and screwed. Corner blocks, which are actually the bits of planks that are connected to the sides of the couch frames so that it does not result in being twisted, it is there to reinforce and make sure to stand out which makes it of good quality.


Innerspring method utilized within each piece of your sectional effects the lifespan of the seats that how many years will they last. Web suspension is an indication that the following piece of furniture is not up to the mark and comprises of irregular lines of netting fastened to the couch frame. Look for a different type of innerspring system if you want the best. Hand-tied eight-way springs are made up of eight metal coils that are connected and then linked to the couch frame. S-shaped coils are fastened to the frame of each piece of your sectional in S systems.


The type material that is used to keep the seat cushions soft and comfy decide the level of enjoyment. Because it changes shape and does not disintegrate with time, high-resiliency or high-density foam shows that it is one of the best quality. The other types of materials which are used to fill in the seat cushions, such as cotton and down fillings, rebound while they’re fresh but sink with the ongoing life span, the material degrades.


A good sectional couch has an upholstery which stays the same for a great time that it looks good even after years of use. Tightly woven upholstery textiles endure longer than fine, that deteriorates faster and aren’t as stain-resistant. Cottons and other textures are gorgeous with also being comfy, with that being said they look good but it was hard to keep them to look the best all the time. Go for those couches that are made of the type of leather that from the cowhide’s outermost layer, or rectified leather, which has a more uniform look but utilizes lower-quality top grains. This kind of couches are frequently composed of polyurethane materials with fabric like leather skins or shavings. This may be used for a time but it lacks the same level of quality as top-grain or rectified leather sofas.

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