Orange Sectional Sofa – Poundex PDEX Price: $700.00 (as of 10/04/2023 03:34 PST- Details)

  • Seat Cushion Filled with foam and inner Spring for durability and comfort
  • Tufted Seat and Back
  • Designer carefully selected linen-like polyfabric for wear ability, seam strength, beauty and comfort
  • U.S. Patented reversible design allowing this sectional to be Set up Chaise on the left or right configuration
  • Nail head accent on Arm, frame and ottoman. Dimensions : Reversible Chaise: 75″ x 34″ x 35″H Sofa: 70″ x 34″ x 35″H Ottoman: 36″ x 25″ x 19″H


Orange sectional couches, often known as sectional sofas, are a popular seating option in living rooms and dens. Sectional sofas, unlike traditional sofas, are made up of numerous separate sections that may be configured in a variety of ways. This feature allows the sectional sofa to be more flexible than a traditional three-seater couch. A sectional couch’s specific composition varies from one design to the next. Sectional couches are, in certain circumstances, a two-piece sofa set that can be positioned to make a perfect ninety-degree angle. This was a popular structure in the mid-twentieth century, and it’s still popular today in casual situations like dens, home offices, and family rooms.

Things You Need to Consider Before Buying an Orange Sectional Sofa


When shopping for a sectional couch, you’ll discover a wide range of designs, patterns and texture available, knowing all of this you have to keep some things before you select a specific fabric. To start off with, take and note what is the length and width of your room to determine the proportions of your room you’re going to place your sectional in. Although keeping this as an image in your mind might appear to be self-evident, yet it is crucial. What you’ll have to do in order to confirm how your sectional is going to get inside of your room is to measure the doorways you’ll need to move it through.


When choosing furniture, think about the fabric you want to use. In the store, I saw a lovely creamy sofa from Magnolia Home, but I recalled how stressful it is to purchase a white colored sofa, hence orange is the perfect fit for a house. So I had to scratch the white one completely out of my head right away.


Understand the distinction between the sectional sofas that face towards the right and left. It matters which way the sectional is facing because it is based upon which part of the couch is the longest among both. Also, the part of the sofa that is shaped like chaise make sure the partition behind it is well painted and big enough to accommodate it.

Depth And Height

Consider the seat’s measurements, this necessitates a seat that is broad to sleep on it. With that being said people usually want sitting that allows me to sink into it, and despite my diminutive stature, I prefer a siting type that goes deep and makes it extra comfy that allows me in placing my legs wherever and however I want to.


Pick a few colors that you can deal with. Nothing is more frustrating except the fact that you like a couch so much that you’re so obsessed with it only to discover that it isn’t accessible in the color you want. So this never happens, hence you will have to have a list of colors before selecting the color.


Is it better to have arms or not? Coming towards the seating, couches, and sectional sofas, People like those with arms. Although some appreciate a couch that has no armrests, but it feels like there’s something missing. For those who are uncertain, sectional sofas with an arm on one end and no arm on the other are available.


Choose the sectional form you want. You’ll discover different kinds of sectional couches including theatre sectional sofas, as well as curved couches with a sharp corner. The form and design will most likely be determined by your space restrictions.


Last but not least, consider what measurement and style you want of table you place in between. Because you’ll most likely be squeezing the center piece that goes along with your couch, select furniture that allows for this. I wanted a couch to get along with a chaise shaped lounge, although the center piece is too huge, and I didn’t want to spend the money buying some brand new table.

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