Can I Get Sofa Covers Made

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can i get sofa covers made

Sofa covers are used to protect your sofa from spills, stains, and wear-and-tear. They are also used to add a decorative touch to your living room. There are many ways to make them, but the easiest is by sewing them with fabric.

The first step is to measure the length and width of your sofa. Measure the length of the back of the sofa first, then measure the depth (or height) of it as well. Next, measure the depth or height of each arm on either side of your sofa. Add 1 inch onto each measurement for seam allowance.

How much does it cost to slipcover a sofa?

How much does a custom slipcover cost? The cost of a slipcover varies a lot. If you buy one online that will either stretch or fit loosely on your sofa, then your cost could be a few hundred dollars. A custom slipcover could cost about $800 for labor, plus the cost of fabric.[1]

Can you make your own sofa cover?

And to make a new couch cover even more budget-friendly, you can make it yourself. The process is surprisingly easy, and you’ll be able to customize your cover to perfectly match your living room or decorating dreams.[2]

Can you put a slipcover on any couch?

The short answer is yes, most sofas can be slipcovered. However, if your sofa has a complicated design like a curved arm, and an unusual shape for the bench seat, you’ll need to go the custom route to get a slipcover made just for your sofa.[3]

What is the best material for a couch cover?

Polyester, microfiber, and cotton blends offer great protection, are easy to care for, and often have stain-resistant or waterproof qualities. If you’d like an even thicker fabric, velvet, twill, and cotton duck canvas couch covers are also available.[4]

Is it cheaper to reupholster or slipcover?

Typically, reupholstering a piece of furniture will cost more than having a custom slipcover made because all of the old fabric and padding must be removed from the piece of furniture, which requires more time on the project.[5]

What type of fabric is best for slipcovers?

Canvas, cotton duck, twill blend, medium weight denim Canvas, cotton duck, denim and twill blends are by far the most common choices for slipcovers. They are very durable and can be easily washed at home.[6]

How hard is it to reupholster a couch?

Reupholstering a sofa sadly is not a quick and easy project. If you have ever looked into paying someone else to reupholster your furniture, you know it costs a LOT of money and there is good reason for that. Upholstery is time-consuming, especially when you are dealing with something as large as a couch.[7]

How can I make my sofa slipcover look good?

Put on the slipcover the right way. The seams on both sides should be placed on the same parts of the sofa. Look for sofa covers with ties. Ties at the bottom remove excess fabric. Look for slipcovers with elastic bands sewn directly to the slipcover fabric.[8]

Do upholsterers make slipcovers?

Anyone who can do custom upholstery can also make a custom slipcover. I have found that the price of slipcover labor is about half the cost of re-upholstery, and sometimes even less. But, you might need a couple more yards of fabric, depending on the style.[9]

Are couch slip covers worth it?

Slipcovers are a great way to change up the look of your house in minutes. You can buy themed sets for your living room and swap them out when you decide you want something different. Going from floral to a geometric pattern is as easy as changing out the covers.[10]

Will Ikea slipcovers fit other couches?

Ikea slipcovers definitely fit on non-Ikea furniture! So you might be able to save a ton of money from buying Pottery Barn Slipcovers. As you guys know, I’m in love with my slipcovered sofa that I splurged on a few years ago [HERE].[11]

What fabric I can use for sofa cover?

Performance Acrylic and Polyester are Best Fabrics for Sofa. We’ve talked about the advantages of polyesters and acrylics, but not every polyester or acrylic thread has the same stain resistance and durability to be considered a ‘performance fabric.[12]

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